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What is Mobility Clothing?

This kind of clothing is known as Mobility Clothing or Adaptive Clothing. It is designed for those with disabilities, the elderly, and the infirm who may have difficulty dressing due to a lack of adequate motion or function, such as button- and zipper-closure manipulation. Clothing with a rear-closure design makes it simpler for users to dress and undress since they may be assisted by someone who cares for them or by themselves. Clothes and footwear may also be closed using hidden magnets or Velcro. A common misconception is that adapted clothing is only for people with significant disabilities, such as the handicapped. People who can profit from conventional clothing may also benefit from adaptive clothing; however, adaptive clothing is intended for those who cannot move beyond typical clothing. Clothing that conforms to the body and protects health care professionals and caregivers from injury is also advantageous to the user.

Clothes for those who have special needs

Adaptive clothing is specialised clothing that is designed to make dressing easier for people with disabilities. People with severe disabilities and their carers may alter their clothing to help them and others with less severe disabilities.

Some of the features utilised in adaptive clothes include Velcro, flexible fabric, a roomy design to allow for incontinence aid, a higher rise in the back to allow for sitting in wheelchairs, and an elastic waist for better comfort and more effortless dressing.

Magnetic Clothing

Magnetic closures have emerged as a viable alternative for individuals with motor neuron impairments limiting their capacity to execute activities, such as those with Parkinson’s disease. Magnetic fasteners have made a comeback in adaptive clothing in recent years.