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Crutch Handle Pads

If you’ve ever had an injury to your leg or foot, you know that crutches are essential to your recovery. While crutches provide crucial support and stability, daily use may cause hand and wrist pain and discomfort. The crutch pad is designed to be comfortable to grasp, so the user may use the device for long periods without feeling hand fatigue.

Top Crutch Handle Pads

Comfort Using Crutch Handle Pads

Because crutch handle pads are commonly padded because of the strain that crutches may put on the user’s hands and wrists, crutches may be more bearable because of their cushioning, which lessens the effects of hand fatigue and shock. Pads are available in a wide variety of sizes, forms, and materials to meet the varying needs of their customers.

Protection Using Crutch Handle Pads

Crutch handle pads protect the hands and wrists from the sores and blisters that might develop from using crutches for an extended period. The padding on a crutch protects the user’s hands from the elements and makes the crutch more pleasant to use.

Easy to Install:

Crutch handle pads are designed to be easily connected and removed. Simply attach them to the crutch handles and adjust the length for a snug fit. Wearing pads may be replaced as necessary.


You can use pads for the crutch handles with an axillary, an underarm crutch, or even a forearm crutch. Since there is a wide variety of colours and designs, it’s easy to find a set that complements one’s style.

Bestseller No. 1
Crutch Handle Pads | Pack of 2 | Hand Grips for Crutches | Pair | Made from Soft Comfy Neoprene with Shock Absorbing Cushion | Prevents Sore Hands & Calluses
  • ✅ PREVENTS SORE HANDS & CALLUSES – Are you getting Sore Hands and Calluses after regular use of your Elbow Crutches? We have the solution for you! Our Crutch Hand Grips make using your Crutches a whole lot more Comfortable
  • ✅ COMES AS A PAIR – Whether you use One Crutch or Two, we have you covered. Unlike a lot of our competitors, our Crutch Grip Pads come as a Pair as standard
  • ✅ MOISTURE ABSORBING LATEX FREE NEOPRENE – The Soft Grippy Neoprene with Shock Absorbing Cushion will ensure that you get the perfect grip. The Absorbent Neoprene will help you achieve the optimal grip even with Sweaty Hands
  • ✅ REUSABLE – Our Crutch Grips are build to last a long time! Let’s face it, they are so good you will be using them all the time so they will get dirty after use. Simply pop them in your Washing Machine at 30 degrees and ensure all Velcro Straps are fastened onto themselves before placing in the Washing Machine
  • ✅ CAN BE USED WITH ALL STANDARD HANDLE CRUTCHES – Our Crutch Hand Pads will fit all Standard Straight Handle Elbow Crutches. Please do not use them with Anatomical or Irregular Handle Crutches
Bestseller No. 2
Fitness Magpie Crutches Handle Pads for UK Crutches – Comfortable Anti Slip Foam Hand Cushion Grip with Shock Absorbing Technology – Neoprene Memory Foam Crutch Pads for Walking Sticks UK
  • Enjoy Ultimate Comfort: The Fitness Magpie hand support foam padding features an upgraded design made with premium neoprene and memory foam, helping reduce pressure on your arms, alleviating accumulated tension and keeping you comfortable during recovery.
  • Superior Compatibility: These crutch handle pads come in pairs of 2 and ensure excellent compatibility with a wide range of UK designed crutches, for a user-friendly and reliable experience.
  • Anti-Slip Technology: Unlike similar products on the market, these crutch handle covers feature latest anti slipping technology, keeping your crutches secure and preventing unwanted accidents, without hindering your mobility.
  • Enhanced Shock Absorption: The Fitness Magpie crutches handle pads soft are lightweight and breathable, featuring a neoprene and memory foam layer that easily absorbs shocks and impact, at the same time preventing soreness and discomfort during prolonged use.
  • Easy to Put On: These crutch accessories have a practical hook & loop closure system which is easy to put on and remove within seconds. The special fabric is machine washable, for your convenience!
Bestseller No. 3
Lifeswonderful – Pair of Blue Padded Neoprene Crutch Handle Grip Covers for Comfort
  • These comfortable Neoprene pads help cushion the hands and protect against soreness, calluses and discomfort arising from extended use
  • Sold in pairs
  • Designed to fit a crutch with a straight handle with a diameter of approx. 3.5 cm
  • Not suitable for heavily sculpted ergonomic crutch grips such as those with different left/right hand crutches – please see the photos for compatibility
  • Please note, the zipper is purposely designed to be on the inside, against the crutch handle for comfort reasons – please check the photos on the listing. It is also normal to be a very tight fit on the handle to prevent the pads from turning when in use
Bestseller No. 4
Comfy Crutch Handle Padded Cover – A Pair of Pad Covers in a Choice of Colours & Designs – Black, Blue, Red, Grey Multi Spot, Pink Star, Purple, Grey Stars, Pink, Navy, Paw, Grey, Green
  • Foam crutch handle covers to protect your hands from pain, discomfort and calluses. The covers are made from soft fleece fabric for extra comfort.
  • One pair of covers ONLY. Random colour or message if you have a preference. Easy to apply to crutch, simply slide over the crutch handle and the tie the elastic in a tight knot or bow at both ends, pushing loose elastic back into the protective cover. (Instruction sheet included)
  • These have been specially designed for standard UK adult crutches and are only suitable for these products.
  • Can easily be removed and reapplied to enable them to be washed and tumbledried to keep them clean and germ free.
  • Vaccuum sealed packaging so letter box friendly and are posted first class the next working day.

Summary Of Crutch Handle Pads

Crutch end pads are a helpful and secure addition for individuals who rely on them. The padding is easy to put up, protects against blisters and ulcers, and reduces the chance of hand fatigue. Pads for the handles of crutches may be found in various designs and materials so that each user can find the perfect fit.

Crutch Handle Pads Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Crutch Handle Pads?

You may affix a cushioned grip to the handle to make using crutches more comfortable.

What Are They Made Of?

Pads for crutch handles are made of foam, gel, or rubber. Therefore, they are long-lasting, comfortable, and easy to clean.

Why Should I Use Crutch Handle Pads?

Crutch handle pads are a possible investment for those who rely on crutches. They improve your grip, stop you from getting blisters and calluses, and extend the life of your hands.

Can Crutch Handle Pads Be Used With All Types Of Crutches?

Handle pads for crutches are designed to fit various crutch types and sizes. It is recommended to check the manufacturer’s specifications before making a purchase.

How Do I Attach The Crutch Handle Pads To My Crutches?

Most crutch handle pads have a Velcro strap or similar quick-and-easy attachment technique, making them a breeze to put on and take off. Fit the strap around the crutch’s handle and pull it tight.

How Often Should I Replace My Crutch Handle Pads?

The crutches’ lifespan is directly proportional to the user’s crutch use and care habits. Crutch handle pads are typically sturdy and long-lasting, but it’s still a good idea to replace them when they show signs of wear and tear.

Are Crutch Handle Pads Easy To Clean?

Most crutch models have detachable and washable pad designs. To make them usable again, just wipe them with a damp cloth.

Where Can I Purchase Crutch Handle Pads?

Pads for crutch handles may be found at or bought from any local drugstore, grocery shop, or pharmacy. You may also ask your doctor or a physical therapist for advice.

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