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About Mobility Furniture?

Mobility furniture is furniture in the home that allows people to relax in their home while making it easy and accessible. A big example is recliners. When a person reclines the chair’s back, so does the chair. A reclining chair will typically have a footrest that is an extension of the chair’s side and is controlled by a lever on the chair’s side or will extend automatically when the chair reclines.

While the term “recliner” is most commonly used, it can also refer to a lounger, a chair, or an armchair.

Modern recliners frequently include adjustable headrests, lumbar support, and independent footstools to improve overall chair comfort. Heat, massage, and vibration are also included. Wheelchair-accessible models are available.

Recliners, which are commonly found in aeroplanes, trains, and homes, can also be used for sleeping in a semi-reclined position.

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