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We are a UK platform allowing consumers to find a mobility company near you. We do this, so someone has a one-stop shop to find mobility companies in their area and find their information.

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Mobility manufacturers are the companies who create mobility products. Production is creating goods via the use of labour, equipment, tools, and chemical or biological processing or formulation. The secondary sector of the economy is concerned with the creation and preservation of value. When raw materials from the primary industry are transformed into finished goods, large-scale industrial design and production are often applied. If you are a mobility manufacturer, you will tend to sell to mobility shops and companies and work less with the end consumer. Still, they often have their name on the final product, so it’s vital to have the customers in mind.


Mobility Shops

Mobility shops are  shops that deal with selling mobility products to help peoples mobility needs. This could be with selling products like stairlifts or mobility scooters.  These shops are a great source of information and help. This is because they often have highly skilled professionals who can help and advise you on what you need.


Mobility Brands

Mobility brands can be both the mobility shop and manufacture as they do both. They build and create the product, and then they sell the product as well. These tend to be large companies that have been around for a long time and have built strong customer relationships and lots of positive mobility reviews. Few companies do them all from the shop to manufacturers.