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Mobility Bathrooms is a right everyone in their home deserves. If someone has limited mobility, they may struggle to cause a standard bathroom. High-quality, accessible bathrooms such as wet rooms, walk-in showers, shower stools and other bathing solutions turn a normal bathroom into a mobility bathroom. A mobility store has a different trading style from each other. Some offer free product delivery; however, always do your research on a company you buy from to ensure you get the best quality.

mobility bathrooms

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What Is A Mobility Shower?

It is unnecessary to step over the threshold or tray while entering a shower. Walk-in showers are safer because of these characteristics. There is a vast range of accessible access showers, and you can claim vat relief. Some companies offer free advice and free product delivery.

How Do Mobility Baths Work?

The doors of a walk-in bathtub are waterproof, so you don’t have to leave the comfort of your own home to take a shower. After they’ve shut the doors, fill them up with water and let them go for a swim. Just open the sink drain and let the water go out after you’re done with it.

How Do You Shower With Limited Mobility?

A shower stool with a seat is an option for those who find it difficult to stand. You may require the assistance of an expert. Access to the wetroom has been made easier by installing curved glass panels or obtaining prior authorisation from the facility’s manager.

What Is The Smallest Walk-In Shower?

Shower trays are typically 900 millimetres long and 600 millimetres wide. Water splashes about and escapes despite the screens in place, making this bathroom too small for us.

Bathroom Mobility Aids Such As Inflatable Bath Cushion

A mobility advisory service from a local mobility company can help advise on the best mobility aid for you in your bathroom. Getting a bathroom mobility quote will allow you to see how much the bathing solutions will cost, such as getting bath lifts, shower seats, wet room, bathing aids and any other key features that can help create an accessible bathroom for people with physical or mental impairment.

There is also a lot of personal taste, and you can get your bathroom specially designed. And you are having a look through a free brochure or speaking to an authorised team who are authorised and regulated to help.

Wet Rooms VS Walk-In Showers

Wet rooms and walk-in showers are two of the most sought-after features in modern bathrooms.

Waterproof bathrooms, sometimes known as “Wet Rooms,” have no shower enclosures and instead incorporate the shower space into the rest of the room.

Water flows into a central floor waste, creating a sleek and open design.

Conversely, “A Walk-In shower” is a shower stall with no or a small threshold, making it more accessible.

They come with a wide choice of accessories, including showerheads, handheld shower wands, and built-in chairs, and can be customised to suit any bathroom style.

Wet Rooms and Walk-In Showers both have their advantages, but which one is better for you will ultimately come down to your own tastes, the size of your toilet, and your budget.

Picking A Mobility Bathroom

Wheelchair users deserve the right to have a relaxing bath. Now there is a bathing solution that can help them. These can be simple mobility aids such as safety grab bars, slip-resistant surfaces, low entry doors and up to a full wet room.

Installing Accessible Bathrooms

If you want a new mobility bathroom, you can get a free no, obligation quote and find out how much it will cost. This can help you select the right bathing solutions and get a professional service.

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