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Walking Aids

Struggling to walk can be an aggravating and painful process; walking aids help make walking independently easier. Depending on your needs, we have found a wide range of aids to help you, from simple cane walking sticks to high-tech walkers and rollators.

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Last Updated on July 12, 2023

Drive Nitro Heavy Duty Rollator
Days Lightweight Aluminium Folding 3 Wheel Tri Walker

Wheeled Aids

Wheeled aids are an example of a mobility aid, for instance, tri-walkers and rollators. These can help you stay steady on your feet and stay safe when out and about or even navigating around the home. They provide an extra sense of security and protection.

Tri Walkers

Tri Walkers are convenient for those who need assistance with mobility. They have three wheels and padded handles to make moving around smooth and comfortable for you. Your tri-walker may be folded up and stowed away easily in your vehicle’s boot or backseat.


When getting about on one’s own becomes difficult, a walking aid such as a rollator. A rollator can provide more stability than a tri-three because of its four wheels. Check out some Rollators here.

Heavy Duty Rollators

Heavy Duty Rollators are larger-sized walkers built to last. They are made with a steel frame, thick padding, and solid brakes. The X-Treme Suspension Rollator is top of the line, with rear suspension and larger wheels.

Drive Folding Lightweight Aluminium Height Adjustable Walking Frame

Frames & Sticks

Frames & walking sticks are some of the oldest mobility aids and have been around for a long time. This is because these simple mobility aids are extremely effective and reliable.

Walking Sticks And Canes

Walking sticks and Canes can be stylish and useful for people who need a bit of extra support with mobility.


Crutches are typically used by people with temporary injuries who need some extra support while letting their legs heal. Here are some modern crutches you can check out and the classic crutches.

Folding Crutches

Folding crutches are mobility aids you can fold and store in a bag. This then makes it easier for you to transport and travel with them easily; it also allows them to be stored away effortlessly.

Walking Frames

Walking frames can also be referred to as zimmer frames. These provide you or your loved ones support when walking. Check out a range of walking frames here.

Walking Aid Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most stable walking aid?

The most stable walking aid is a zimmer frame. This is because it has four legs and won’t move unless it is picked up and moved. This makes it a stable walking aid for people to use.

When should I use walking aids?

You should use a walking aid if you feel unstable on your feet and need support walking around. They can help reduce the risks of falling and getting injured while allowing you or a loved one to feel independent again.

How do I choose a walking aid?

When choosing a walking aid, you need to be objective. You should look at your needs, if you need something just to give you a bit of extra support, then a walking stick can be for you, or if you need something strong and supportive, then a zimmer frame may be best.

What do disabled people use to walk?

Disabled people can use any of the above products to help support them when walking around. But a zimmer frame has proved to be one of the most popular aids due to its maximised stability and support it can give,

Useful Information on Walking Aids

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