Amplified Phones Buying Guide

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Amplified phones Buying Guide

Amplified phones enhance the clarity and volume of telephone conversations, making communication easier for individuals with hearing impairments. Selecting the right amplified phone is crucial if you have mild hearing loss or require significant amplification. This buying guide will explore key considerations to help you make an informed decision when purchasing an amplified phone.

Top Amplified Phones

Amplification Level:

Amplified phones offer various levels of volume boost, typically measured in decibels (dB). Determine the level of amplification that suits your hearing needs and preferences. Some phones also provide adjustable volume settings.

Tone Control and Equalization:

Evaluate the tone control and equalisation features of the amplified phone. These features allow you to adjust the tone and frequency response, enhancing speech clarity and making conversations easier to understand. Look for phones offering tone control options to match your hearing requirements.

Hearing Aid Compatibility:

Check if the amplified phone is compatible with hearing aids. Look for phones compatible with both T-coil (telecoil) and microphone settings of hearing aids. This compatibility ensures a seamless experience and reduces interference or feedback during phone conversations.

Visual Alert Features:

Assess the visual alert features of the amplified phone. Some phones include visual indicators, such as flashing lights or vibrating alerts, to notify you of incoming calls. These features benefit individuals with hearing impairments who may not rely solely on auditory cues.

Caller ID and Call Display:

Consider the availability of caller ID and call display features on the amplified phone. These features allow you to identify incoming callers, making screening and prioritising important ones easier. Look for phones with large, easy-to-read displays for convenient caller identification.

Answering Machine or Voicemail Compatibility:

Determine if the amplified phone has an integrated answering machine or compatibility with voicemail services. This feature allows you to retrieve and listen to messages at your convenience. Consider the storage capacity of the answering machine and the ease of accessing messages.

One-Touch Speed Dial and Memory Buttons:

Look for amplified phones with one-touch speed dial buttons or programmable memory buttons. These buttons allow you to quickly dial frequently called numbers without manually entering the entire phone number each time.

Cordless or Corded Options:

Decide whether you prefer a cordless or corded amplified phone. Cordless phones offer greater mobility, allowing you to move around while talking, while corded phones provide a constant power source and do not require battery charging. Consider your specific needs and preferences when choosing between the two options.


Set a budget for your amplified phone purchase and compare prices from different suppliers. When evaluating the price, consider the overall value offered, including the amplification level, compatibility features, and additional functionalities.

Customer Reviews:

Read customer reviews and ratings of the amplified phones you are considering. Reviews can provide insights into the phone’s performance, sound quality, durability, and overall satisfaction from other users.

Summary Of Amplified Phones Buying Guide

By considering these factors and researching different amplified phones, you can select a suitable communication device that meets your hearing needs for amplification, tone control, compatibility, and additional features. Always test the phone’s functionality and consult with the manufacturer or a qualified professional if you have questions or concerns regarding amplified phone selection or usage.

SaleBestseller No. 1
Amplicomms BigTel 1502 Cordless Big Button Phone for Elderly with Additional Handset – Loud Phones for Hard of Hearing – Hearing Aid Compatible Phones – Phones for Seniors
  • Best Phone for Hard of Hearing – This home telephone has an adjustable ringer volume that can be increased up to 90 db. This is louder than a power lawnmower! The phone also includes a visual ring indicator, making incoming calls even harder to miss! When on a call the the audio can also be increased by 35dB, making conversations easier to hear and follow! The phone also has a built in hands free function.
  • Direct Memory Buttons – The BigTel 1502 home telephone included 3 simple to use direct memory buttons. This allows elderly relatives or friends to simply call their nearest and dearest at the click of a button.
  • Big Buttons – Memory buttons and dialling keys are all extra large allowing them to be easily seen. Ideal for the visually impaired or the unsteady hands of any older relatives of friends in need of a bit of extra help.
  • Large Character Display – The large character backlit display allows incoming calls to be easily seen. Combined with the extra large buttons, making a call is also easier than ever for the hard of sight.
  • Additional Handset Included – The Bigtel 1502 system comes with an additional handset, allowing a phone can be also placed by a bed or in another room to the main phone. Helping to reduce the chance of missing a call and meaning a phone is never to far away if needed.
Bestseller No. 2
Doro PhoneEasy 100W DECT Cordless Phone with Amplified Sound and Big Buttons, NO Answerphone (Single Set/White) [UK and Irish Version]
  • BIG BUTTONS AND EASY-TO-READ DISPLAY: The Doro PhoneEasy 100w features large and widely spaced buttons as well as a bright and backlit 23×38 mm display with easy-to-read characters which are perfect for visually impaired users.
  • USAGE: Connect the line cord to a telephone wall socket and to the socket on the base unit. Then connect the mains adapter to the wall socket and to the socket on the base. Place the handset in the base. Use the telephone line cord supplied only. Monophonic ringtones: 5
  • KEY FEATURES: Doro delivers this telephone with a 10 caller ID memory, a visual ring indicator, speakerphone, out of range warning, GAP compatibility and you can list up to 20 contacts. It has a range of up to 300 m and an indoor range of up to 50 m.
  • HAC AND AUDIO BOOST FUNCTION: The handset has a built-in hearing loop for those who use their hearing aids. The Audio Boost button will allow you to get a louder sound up to +10dB. Max receiving amplification: 30dB. Max ringer volume (at 1 m): 90dB.
  • BATTERY: This phone comes with a cradle and 2xAAA NiMH rechargeable batteries to be inserted in the handset. Insert it in the cradle and the batteries will be charged automatically. Power cable length is 2 m. Talk time: 10 hrs. Standby time: 100 hrs.
SaleBestseller No. 3
Amplicomms PowerTel 196 – Big Button Phone for Elderly with Display – Loud Phones for Hard of Hearing – Hearing Aid Compatible Phones – Big Number Telephone – Dementia Phone for Elderly
  • BIG BUTTONS – Memory buttons and dialling keys are all extra large, displaying letter and numbers clearly. Ideal for the visually impaired or unsteady hands of any older relatives or friends in need of a bit of extra help
  • LARGE CHARACTER SCREEN – The PowerTel 196 has a large built in screen making identifying incoming callers easy and also allowing entered numbers to be checked with ease before making a call
  • EXTRA LOUD RINGER – This home telephone has an adjustable ringer volume that can be increased up to 90 db. Which is the equivalent to a motorcycle at a distance of 25 meter or a power lawn mower. The handset volume can also be increased to 60dB making conversations over the phone easy for the hard of hearing. This device is hearing aid compatible
  • TWO DIRECT MEMORY BUTTONS – The phone includes two easy to program memory buttons making it simple for the user to contact their close ones at the touch of the button! The phone also has a 200 contact built on director
  • FLASHING CALL INDICATOR – The built in call indicator is triggered when the device receives an incoming call. This is another feature that allows calls to easily be recognised by the hard of hearing allowing them more independence and great connection with the world outside their home
SaleBestseller No. 4
Geemarc Amplipower 40 – Amplified Corded Telephone with Tone and Volume control, Large Buttons and One-touch Memories – Hearing Aid Compatible – Specialized for Hearing Impaired – UK Version – White
  • ✔️ HEARING AID COMPATBLE – This big button phone is designed for hearing impaired people. If you are wearing hearing aids and wish to use them while on the phone, simply put your hearing aids on the “T” setting.
  • ✔️ EXTRA LOUDER RINGER – You will never miss a call thanks to this landline phone’s 80dB loud ringtone. To give you an idea, this is more or less as loud as a vacuum cleaner or a power lawn mower. And even if the sound doesn’t attract your attention, the phone’s bright visual indicator surely will!
  • ✔️ VOLUME BOOST CONTROL – This phone for the elderly comes with an easy-to-use slider that allows you to increase the receiver volume up to 40 dB during calls. And the great thing is, once you have found your preferred volume, you can keep your settings in place so as to always get the same level of amplification during every call you make or receive. This is especially useful if you are setting up the phone for an elderly relative who lives alone and is not particularly tech-savvy.
  • ✔️ EASY TO USE LARGE BUTTONS – Thanks to the 14mm high digits on its large and widely spaced buttons, the Amplipower 40 is also an ideal phone for visually impaired people, who will not have difficulties dialling a number on its keypad.
  • ✔️ MEMORY BUTTONS – Not only do the 12 one-touch memories allow you to call your loved ones at the press of a button, they can also allow you to contact the emergency services instantly, were you to register their number in one of the memory buttons. The fact that 3 of them have different colours can also help you or your relative remember which one should be pressed depending on the situation. For example, the P1 red button could call the firefighters, while the P3 green button could call the doctor’s office.
SaleBestseller No. 5
Amplicomms Bigtel 40 – Big Button Phone for Elderly – Loud Phones for Hard of Hearing which are Hearing Aid Compatible Phones – Corded Big Number Telephone – Dementia Aid Phone for Elderly
  • 6 PHOTO MEMORY BUTTONS – The BigTel 40 PLUS home telephone includes 6 easy to program photo memory buttons. This allows elderly relatives or friends to simply call their nearest and dearest at the click of a button by recognising a friendly face. There is no need to remember or search through old phone books to allow them to get hold of their close ones.
  • BIG BUTTONS – The memory buttons and dialling keys are all extra large, displaying photos and numbers. Ideal for the visually impaired or unsteady hands of any older relatives or friends in need of a bit of extra help.
  • EXTRA LOUD RINGER – This home telephone has an adjustable ringer volume that can be increased up to 90 db. Not sure how loud that is? Well it is the equivalent to a motorcycle at a distance of 25 meter or a power lawn mower. Don’t need the phone that loud? The volume is easily adjustable from high to low or off.
  • HEARING AID COMPATIBLE – The BigTel 40 plus is also compatible with a large range of hearing aids, meaning the phone can be heard from anywhere within the home.
  • 10 NUMBER DIRECTORY – Are the 6 photo memory buttons not enough? The BigTel 40 comes with an additional 10 programmable directory numbers. Meaning all the numbers needed can be stored within the phone and easily called.
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