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Types Of Wheelchairs

Look at the vast array of wheelchairs on the market. Here are some types of wheelchairs you can buy in the UK.

Luxury Lightweight Folding Wheelchair Self-Propelled with Commode Pan

Types of Wheelchairs

To go about their homes and communities, those who cannot or have difficulty walking may choose to use a wheelchair as a mode of mobility. A person in a wheelchair may either propel themselves forward or be pushed by another person; those who use motorised wheelchairs often do so by guiding the wheelchair’s wheels using a control pad or joystick.

Self Propelled Wheelchairs

Self-propelled wheelchairs are distinct from transit/travel wheelchairs in that the user does not need the aid of an attendant or caregiver to drive the wheelchair. Large rear wheels with hand rims enable the user of a self-propelled wheelchair to push themselves forward or backwards without assistance from another person.

Transit Wheelchairs

Those who need mobility assistance yet place high importance on autonomy, social life, and independence may get by on a budget by purchasing a manual wheelchair. Check out some transit wheelchairs here.

Travel Wheelchairs

Those unable to physically propel themselves in a wheelchair may nevertheless be able to go about with the help of a travel wheelchair. The cost of a manual wheelchair, such as a travel chair, is far less than that of an electric one, allowing you to maintain independence and participation in your community.

Bariatric Wheelchairs

When discussing wheelchairs, “bariatric” describes those built to support people much bigger than average. The reinforced frames and extra-wide seats of our durable wheelchairs provide the user maximum comfort and safety in any situation.

Last Updated on July 13, 2023

Manual Wheelchairs

They make a fantastic alternative for those who can propel themselves or have a carer to help with propulsion since they are often lightweight and simple to handle.

  • Standard manual wheelchairs: The most fundamental kind of manual wheelchair, everyday manual wheelchairs are often built of steel or aluminium. The user or carer pushes them with their big back wheels, and they have smaller front wheels for steering. These wheelchairs are often inexpensive and ideal for those with basic mobility requirements.
  • Wheelchairs that are simple to carry and move include lightweight manual wheelchairs constructed of materials like aluminium or composites. For those who regularly need to lift their wheelchair or transport it, these wheelchairs are a suitable solution.
  • Sports wheelchairs: Specialised manual wheelchairs made for use in sporting and leisure activities are known as sports wheelchairs. They are often composed of lightweight materials like carbon fibre to give the highest level of comfort and performance. They include features like low-profile wheels, adjustable footrests, and cushioned seats. For those who are active and wish to participate in sports and leisure activities, these wheelchairs are an excellent solution.

Powered Wheelchairs

They are a fantastic alternative for anyone who finds it difficult to push a manual wheelchair or fatigues quickly when using one.

  • Although they may be more challenging to handle in small areas, they are often more steady and controllable. 
  • Powered wheelchairs with front-wheel drive: Small front wheels driven by the engine are used to propel front-wheel movement motorised wheelchairs. For those who want a motorised wheelchair that is more flexible and agile, these wheelchairs are an excellent alternative.

Hybrid Wheelchairs

Manual and motorised wheelchairs may be combined to create hybrid wheelchairs. They may be moved manually by the user or carer but are also pushed by a motor and batteries. 

Comparison Table: Types of Wheelchairs

Type of Wheelchair Price Features Weight Capacity Indoor/Outdoor Use
Manual Wheelchair Starting from £100 – £200 Lightweight, easy to maneuver, adjustable Up to 120 kg Both
Power Wheelchair Starting from £3000 – £5000 Motorised, rechargeable battery, adjustable speed Up to 120 kg Both
Transport Wheelchair Starting from £50 – £100 Lightweight, foldable, easy to transport Up to 120 kg Indoor
Sport Wheelchair Starting from £1000 – £2000 Specialised for sports and recreation, adjustable Up to 120 kg Outdoor
Bariatric Wheelchair Starting from £300 – £500 Heavy-duty, high weight capacity, larger seat Up to 250 kg Both
Tilt-in-Space Wheelchair Starting from £2000 – £3000 Allows for adjusting seating position, pressure relief Up to 120 kg Both

Note: The prices are approximate starting prices and may vary based on specific needs and features. It is recommended to obtain a free quote from multiple companies to compare prices and find the most cost-effective solution. Also, the weight capacity can vary depending on the specific model and usage.

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