Bedroom Mobility Aids

Bedroom mobility aids have been created to help you sleep comfortably in your bedroom and easily get in or out of your beds. You can get Electric Adjustable Beds that lift you into a seated position or a range of bed mobility general accessories such as mattress covers.

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Last Updated on April 27, 2024 | Published: October 25, 2022

Richmond Adjustable Small Double Bed with Pocket Sprung Mattress
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Mobility Beds

Bathroom mobility aids are mobility devices that can help you bathe and clean yourself in the tub or shower independently. They can also help you when maneuvering in or out of your bath. There are a whole host of mobility aids to help you

Electric Adjustable Beds

These electric adjustable beds can be operated remotely by yourself or a carer and take you from a comfortable lying position to a seated position and support you there.

Profiling And Care Beds

Profiling and care beds can be used by people who need a carer and can assist the carer in putting someone to bed or getting up whilst giving the user a comfortable night’s sleep.

NRS Healthcare Easylift Overbed Table

Bedroom Mobility Aids General Accessories

There is lots more to a bedroom than just a bed and mattress; you can buy a whole host of mobility accessories for your bedroom to make them more accessible. For example, you can get tables that can sit over the bed, so you use a laptop or eat on it.

Overbed and lap tables

Overbed tables and lap tables allow someone bed-bound to eat or work from their bed.

Furniture Raisers

Furniture raisers increase furniture height so people can easily use sofas or chairs that were typically too low to get access.

Mattress Covers And Protection

Accidents in the bed can happen. You can get mattress covers and protection on the bed to help protect the mattress and make it easier to clean.

Bed rails and bumpers

If someone is vulnerable to falling out of their bed, then bed rails and bumpers can help keep someone within their bed, so they are safe- you can rest easily so they won’t fall out of their bed.