Bathing Aids

There is a wide range of equipment and accessories available in the bathroom. When deciding on mobility assistance, you must consider several variables.

Last Updated on April 6, 2023 | Published: May 12, 2022

Bathing Aids Key Points

  • The bath stairs make getting in and out of the tub a breeze.
  • You may reduce VAT on shower and bathing equipment.
  • A bath lift has made getting folks out of bed and into the tub simpler.
  • In the most basic sense, the term “bath assist” refers to any item that helps you in the bathroom.
  • Shower stools, bath seats, bath cushions and other shower aids can claim vat relief as they are a vat exemption.

Bath Steps – Bathroom Mobility Aids

Bathroom steps are a great example of a simple solution that makes sense. To get in and out of the tub, there are bath steps. Build a raised set of steps for individuals who cannot maintain their feet on the ground with the help of these. Because of their versatility, you may utilise them in several settings in your house.

The Restroom Floor

Keep your feet safe in the restroom with this non-slip mat. Place an anti-slip mat on top of your grab bar to ensure your safety in and out of the tub. If you need a place to rest your back while bathing, look for the bath boards at the tub’s base.

Bathroom Assistive Devices – Grab Bars

Installing grab bars in the bathroom is a good idea to keep oneself safe. Designed for persons with restricted mobility or who need help in the bathroom, the grab rail is a low-cost attachment for the toilet. As an alternative, installing an abundance of bath grab rails or hooks may be an option.

Shower Seats For The Disabled

Securing the legs using suction cups or a non-skid ferrule is needed to keep them in place. The shape of bathtub’s seat is designed to accommodate heavier people.

Tools That Help You Bathe Yourself.

Accessories for the bath are available in a variety of designs and functions. Bathing aids are available for people with disabilities, whether physical or mental impairment. Shower and bathing equipment may be exempt from VAT. So you are eligible for vat relief.

Bath Lifts In The Restrooms

A bath lift has made getting people out of bed and into the bathtub much easier. They’ll go to any lengths to bring you back to them. Showering may be difficult for anybody, regardless of age, disability, or other physical limitations.

Towel Rack And A Seat In The Bathtub

If your tub is too small or shaped in an unusual way to accommodate standard bathing accessories, inflatable bath pillows are an excellent alternative. In general, you may impair a person’s capacity or movement.

It’s simpler for the elderly to bathe since they are less mobile.

‘Ask for assistance!’ Getting in and out of the tub is a simple technique to improve your balance. For example, if you cannot shower independently, you may be entitled to vat relief.

You May Show A Bathing Aid.

To put it simply, a “bath aid” is anything that makes your time in the bathroom a little easier.

For people with arthritis, getting out of the tub may be a challenge.

Getting out of the tub will be a breeze if you have grab bars installed. If your knees are bothering you, take a warm bath.

To What Extent May Bathroom Aids Be Applied?

The use of bathroom aids such as shower chairs and bathtub supports may make bathing easier for the elderly and disabled.

Select From Our Bathing Aids Range

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Mobility Aids For Showers

Mobility aids for showers are designed to provide additional support and safety for individuals with limited mobility or balance issues. Here are some examples of mobility aids for showers:

  • Shower chairs: These are chairs designed specifically for use in the shower. They typically feature a waterproof and non-slip seat and are height-adjustable to accommodate different individuals.
  • Shower benches are similar to shower chairs but are typically longer and provide a larger seating area. You may also use them outside of the shower as a seating option.
  • Shower stools: These small stools can be used in the shower for individuals who do not require a full chair or bench.
  • Grab bars: These can be installed on shower walls to provide additional stability and support for individuals getting in and out of the shower or standing while showering.
  • Shower mats: These non-slip mats can be placed on shower floors to prevent slips and falls.
  • Handheld showerheads: These allow individuals to shower while sitting down and make rinse hard-to-reach areas easier.

When choosing a mobility aid for the shower, it’s important to consider the individual’s specific needs and requirements to ensure that the aid provides the necessary support and safety for a comfortable and safe showering experience.

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