types of recliner chairs

Types Of Recliner Chairs

Look at the vast array of recliner chairs on the market. Here are some types of recliner chiars you can buy in the UK.

Salisbury Dual Motor Riser Recliner Arm Chair

Types of Mobility Recliner Chairs

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Riser Recliner Chairs

A riser recliner might be especially beneficial if you struggle to navigate conventional seating options. 

Single Motor Riser Recliner Chairs

A riser recliner may be installed anywhere from one to four motors to accommodate different users’ requirements.

Dual Motor Riser Recliner Chairs

You can get manual, power, and power/recline riser chairs.

4-Motor Riser Recliners

If you have mobility concerns and have difficulty getting up from regular chairs like sofas and armchairs.

Swivel Recliner

If you’re short on room, a swivel recliner chair might be a great replacement for an armchair.

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You can rest and recline in different positions with the help of comfy, adjustable recliners. 

They are available in various designs and varieties, each with a unique combination of features and advantages to meet multiple demands and tastes. 

The many reclining chairs, along with their characteristics, benefits, and appropriateness for various people, will be thoroughly covered in this article.

Manual Recliner Chairs

The user uses a lever or handles to control a manual reclining chair and change the recline angle. Although they may be more expensive than motorised recliners, they could be harder to alter the reclining angle on.

  • Rocker recliners: While sitting, you can gently rock back and forth in a recliner chair with a rocking motion. They are an excellent alternative for those who like the calming sensation of rocking and are often used in living rooms or nurseries.
  • Wall hugger recliners: These recliners have a smaller footprint than standard recliners and are intended to be put closer to the wall. They are an excellent alternative for those who live in small spaces or want to save room while getting the same level of relaxation as a reclining chair.
  • Rocker recliners are similar to glider recliners, except glider recliners move by gently gliding instead of rocking. For those who want a softer, more gentle action, they are an excellent alternative.

Powered Recliner Chairs

A motor drives powered recliners, and the user uses a remote control to operate them. They may be more costly than manual reclining chairs, but they provide a more practical and simple method to change the recline angle.

  • Lift recliners help people with mobility issues get up from sitting. Lift recliners are motorised recliner chairs with a lift mechanism. They are a fantastic alternative for those who struggle to get out of a sitting posture or require more assistance to stand up.
  • Massage recliners: These motorised recliner chairs have built-in massage features that let you unwind and rest while getting a massage. They could provide several massage techniques, degrees of intensity, and heat treatment alternatives. These recliners are an excellent choice for anyone who wants a massage chair’s therapeutic and additional advantages.
  • Home theatre recliners: Also known as powered recliners, these seats are intended for usage in media rooms or home theatres. For increased comfort and durability, they may be constructed of materials like leather or microfiber and incorporate amenities like cup holders, built-in speakers, and USB ports. These recliners are an excellent alternative for anyone looking for a handy and comfy place to sit while watching TV or movies.

Hybrid Recliner Chairs

You may find manual and motorised recliners together in hybrid recliners. Both powered operations with remote control and manual lever or handle action are options. The motorised functioning of these recliners offers convenience, although the manual process is still an alternative if necessary.