Bed Pans & Urinals

A bed pan may be a lifesaver for those bedridden due to illness, accidents, or rehabilitation. Urinals with sealed lids and carrying handles are available for people who may require them. Check out some portable urinals and bedpans below.

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What Do You Need To Know When Buying Bed Pans & Urinals?

When buying a bedpan, you need to know how to dispose of the waste to ensure a safe and sanitised environment. You also need to ensure that all bed pans are cleaned correctly to reduce infection.

How To Buy A Bed Pans & Urinals

The best way to buy a bedpan is to browse online and compare prices, sizes and styles to find one that meets your needs.

Where To Buy A Bed Pans & Urinals

You can buy a bed pan via the links on this page, as we have picked a selection that might suit your needs.

What Are The Benefits Of Having Bed Pans & Urinals?

The main benefit of having a bedpan is that it allows people to go to the toilet easily if they are bedbound.

What Should I Look Out For When Choosing A Bed Pans & Urinals?

When choosing a bedpan, you should look at:

  • Size
  • How you clean and dispose of waste
  • Durability

Can You Get A Female Bed Pan?

Yes, you can get a female bedpan. Female bed pans are designed to fit the anatomical shape of a woman’s body and provide a comfortable and secure solution for bedridden women who cannot use a regular toilet. They come in various materials, such as plastic, metal, or ceramic and may have a curved or sloping design to fit the body’s contours. Female bed pans are widely available at medical supply stores or online retailers specialising in medical equipment and supplies. When purchasing a female bedpan, consider the size, weight capacity, and ease of cleaning. It’s also important to follow proper sanitation and hygiene procedures to prevent infections and ensure the comfort and safety of the user.

How To Get Urine Bottles For Disabled People

You can obtain urine bottles for disabled people from various sources, including medical supply stores or online retailers specialising in medical equipment and supplies. Here are some steps to follow to get urine bottles for disabled people:

  • Consult with a healthcare professional: Before purchasing a urine bottle, it’s important to determine the appropriate type and size of bottle needed for the individual’s specific needs.
  • Choose a type of bottle: Urine bottles come in different types and sizes, including male and female bottles, bedridden bottles, and portable travel bottles. Choose the type of bottle appropriate for the individual’s needs and situation.
  • Purchase the bottle: You can purchase urine bottles for disabled people at medical supply stores or online retailers. Be sure to check the product specifications, including the size and capacity of the bottle, and read customer reviews to ensure that the bottle is suitable for the intended use.
  • Clean and sanitise the bottle: Before using the urine bottle, it’s important to clean and sanitise it according to the manufacturer’s instructions. This will help prevent the spread of germs and infections.
  • Use the bottle according to instructions: Be sure to follow the instructions for using the urine bottle and dispose of the contents properly. It’s also important to clean and sanitise the bottle after each use to maintain hygiene and prevent infections.

What Are Bed Pan Boots?

Bedpan boots are devices used to help position and stabilise a bedpan under a patient who is lying in bed. They are designed to fit around the patient’s feet and help secure the bedpan, preventing it from slipping or moving around during use.

Bedpan boots are typically made of soft, comfortable materials such as foam or fleece to provide a cushioned surface against the patient’s feet. They may also have adjustable straps or fasteners to help ensure a secure and comfortable fit.

Bedpan boots can be especially useful for patients with limited mobility or who cannot hold a bedpan in place on their own. They can help reduce the risk of spills or accidents and provide a more comfortable and hygienic experience for the patient.

You can obtain bedpan boots from medical supply stores or online retailers specialising in medical equipment and supplies. It’s important to consult a healthcare professional to determine if bedpan boots suit a patient’s needs and situation.

Can You Get Bed Pans For Home Use?

Yes, bedpans can be purchased for home use at medical supply stores, online retailers, and pharmacies. Ask your healthcare provider or hospital if they can provide you with one or recommend where to buy them. Following proper cleaning and sanitising instructions is important to prevent infection and ensure hygiene.

Bed Pans Frequently Asked Questions

What Can I Use Instead Of A Bedpan?

Patients who can move around may prefer urinals over bedpans since they are universally built. You may assist the individual by putting a pad under her hips and allowing her to move the urinal to a more convenient location. You may provide some much-needed privacy with a sheet or curtain.

What Are Bed Pans Used For?

You may place a bedpan under the legs of a supine or prone patient to capture any urinating or excrement. Bedpans may be found in a wide range of materials, from plastic to metal, and some of them come with liners to prevent leaks and make cleaning easier. Do your best to keep calm when helping someone with a bedpan.

What Are The Two Types Of Bedpans?

You may classify bedpans and urinals as either disposable or reusable; it just depends on what style you buy.

Are Bed Pans Still Used?

Since the bedpan is still used in acute care settings, innovative bedpan designs are necessary. However, nurses do not have to confine themselves to the bedpan while caring for patients who rely only on it.

Are Bedpans Uncomfortable?

Stainless steel is a frequent material for bedpans due to its durability and ease of cleaning. Serious long-term implications, such as the development of pressure ulcers, may result from using items with inadequate surface area to disperse body weight.

Why Are Bedpans Curved?

People who have just had a hip replacement or have broken a leg might benefit greatly from using one bedpan. Since there is no need to raise the user’s hips or rollover, this bedpan may be useful for people who have difficulty doing so with a conventional bedpan.

Where Are Bedpans And Urinals Stored?

All bedpans and urinals should always be cleaned with disinfectants after use because if they are not cleaned properly, they can be the breeding ground for infections and can make people seriously ill. After cleaning, they should be stored in a designated cupboard away from other things.

When Were Bedpans Invented?

The Science Museum in London displays an estimated 15th or 16th-century ceramic bedpan with a green finish. This can be predicted by how long ago the bedpans date.

What Is The Difference Between A Bedpan Or A Commode?

Bedpans are a useful aid for those who are bedridden due to illness or disability. You can use bedpans to absorb leaks from incontinence users, keeping sheets dry. Commodes require people to get out of bed.

What Is The Difference Between Bedpans Vs Urinals?

Bedpans can only be used when sitting or lying down, but you can use urinals while standing. In many respects, how men and women use these strategies is radically different. Men often use a bottle rather than a bedpan when nature calls.

What Is The Difference Between A Bedpan Or A Diaper?

Diapers can cause things such as rashes if not cleaned well enough. However, they are great if someone has Incontinence issues and can’t control their bowels. Bedpans are more hygienic for people who are bedbound.