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Mobility Transfer Aids

Transfer aids are meant to assist the elderly and those with mobility challenges. Using mobility aids may be a lifesaver for persons who have trouble getting up from a sitting or lying position.

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Hoists can help people lift or move someone. For example, out of their bed and into a chair. They can be especially helpful if someone is paralysed or has limited mobility.

Mobility Hoists

For example, a mobility hoist can lift someone out of bed and into a chair. They can help a carer move someone around who is bed bound.

Mobility Slings

Slings are placed around someone and are used to lift someone using a hoist or by someone manually being picked up.

31.5'' Bed Transfer Belts Nursing Transfer Sling

Transfer Aids

Transfer devices allow caregivers to securely transfer patients with mobility disabilities from one position to another, such as a wheelchair, seat, bed, vehicle, bath, or toilet.

Mobility Transfer Frequently Asked Questions

How do you transfer a patient who can not stand?

If you need help transferring a patient who cannot stand, reach out to your local authorities and request some help to come in directly and teach you.

What are transfer aids?

When transitioning from one surface to another, such as from a wheelchair to a chair., patient transfer equipment or a transfer assist may make the process simpler and safer.

What aids are available to assist with mobility?

Those who have trouble getting about may make it easier with wheelchairs, rollators, and ramps that you can use outdoors. Long trips may be made more comfortable with the help of wheelchair cushions and gloves.

What is a standing transfer aid?

Patients who can bear their weight should be encouraged to participate in the process of moving from one sitting posture to another by using an adjustable standing assist.