Bathroom Mobility Aids

Bathroom mobility aids have been around for years, and we have seen that they can improve and help increase people’s independence and mobility within their bathrooms. For example, baths used to be off limits to people with joint problems or reduced mobility, but now you can get walk-in baths or bath lifts to help you get in and out.

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Last Updated on March 1, 2024 | Published: October 24, 2022

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Bath And Shower Aids

Bathroom mobility aids are mobility devices that can help you bathe and clean yourself in the tub or shower independently. They can also help you when manoeuvring in or out of your bath. There are a whole host of mobility aids to help you

Bath Lifts

Bath lifts help people to get in and out of their bath by lifting them. This can help someone who has paraplegia or has reduced mobility that stops them from getting up from a seated position.

Transfer Aids

A transfer aid helps someone to be manoeuvred from A to B within the bathroom. Such as, if you are transferring someone from a bath to a wheelchair, you can use a transfer aid to help.

Bathroom Chairs

Bathroom chairs are waterproof chairs that are easy to clean and offer people a place to sit while showering and washing in the bathroom.

Slip Mats

Slipping in bathrooms can be a very common fear due to wet surfaces. Slip mats help reduce that risk in the bathroom.

Bath Grab Rails and Handles

Bath grab rails and handles offer you that extra help in the bathroom when needed. You can use this to help pull yourself up from a seated position.

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Toilet Aids

Everyone has to use the toilet; it can be much harder for people with limited mobility.   There are many mobility aids to help, such as seat raisers to bring the seat closer to you or a Commode chair to get the toilet closer to yourself if your mobility prevents you from making it that far.

Seat Raisers

Seat raisers are placed on top of a toilet seat, increasing the height of the toilet seat. This is because some toilets can be low down, and if you have joint problems, it can be hard to sit down. A seat raiser helps eliminate that problem.

Toilet Frames

Toilet frames are placed over the top of a toilet and provide a structure to help you sit down and get up from the toilet.

Commode Chair

A commode chair may be used as an alternate toilet if you cannot travel the distance to your bathroom due to an injury or sickness. They can come in many styles, and some can even blend in as furniture.

Commode Pots And Liners

Commode pots and liners are used alongside the commode chairs for when you may not be able to make it to the bathroom due to your illness or injury.

Bed Pans

If someone is bed bound or can’t make it to the toilet, they can use a bed pan to go to the bathroom.

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Washing And Hygiene

Washing and hygiene are extremely important, as if you do not maintain a good level of hygiene, then you are highly likely to get infections and illness. Here are some washing and Hygiene mobility aids, such as dressing protectors.

Dressing Protectors

Dressing protectors allow you to shower and bathe without worrying about getting your casts or dressings wet. They provide a barrier between your casts and the water.

Bathroom Mobility Aids Frequently Asked Questions

How do you shower with limited mobility?

In the restroom, you may sit on the tiled floor, on a stool attached to the wall, or on a backless shower chair. Again, getting advice from an expert could be a good idea. The bathroom may be concealed by a folding glass wall, a wet room, or both.

What is a mobility bathroom?

An “accessible bathroom” is a restroom that has been adapted for use by individuals with mobility disabilities.

What are bathroom aids?

A wide variety of bathroom safety equipment is available, including mats, pillows, and elevators; grab rails; bath steps; seats; and boards. With the help of these mobility aids, you and your caretaker may enjoy a more relaxed and secure bathing experience.