Over Chair Tables 

If you get up from your chair regularly to do activities like eating, drinking, reading, or working, you may want to invest in an over-chair table. The height and form of any chair, including riser recliners, may be easily adjusted to fit our strong designs. An over-chair table may be worthwhile for people who have problems getting up and about yet might use a flat, stable surface over their chair.

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NRS Healthcare Adjustable Curved Over BedChair Table
NRS Healthcare M66832 Wheeled and Tilting Over Bed or Chair Table

What Do You Need To Know When Buying An Over Chair Table?

When buying an over-chair table, you need to ensure the table’s height is correct. So measure the height first and check if the over-chair table will fit.

How To Buy  Over Chair Tables

The best way to buy Over Chair Tables online is to shop around first, as there are so many different styles and designs to pick from, so do your research first.

Where To Buy A Over Chair Tables

You can buy Over Chair Tables online; we have picked some that may help on this page.

What Are The Benefits Of Having Over Chair Tables?

The benefit of an over-chair table is that it gives people somewhere to eat and hold their drinks while sitting comfortably in their seats.

What Should I Look Out For When Choosing A Over Chair Tables?

When choosing an over-chair table, you should look for:

  • Height
  • How easy it is to clean
  • Style

Over Chair Table For Elderly

Over Chair Tables For the elderly can be a great option as they can place drinks, food, magazines and other things on the table. Everything they need can be right in front of them, so they don’t need to get up and move to get anything.

Over Chair Tables For The Disabled

Over-chair tables are great for people with a disability because they can place important items in front of them, so they don’t need to stretch and reach them.

Over Chair Tables For Riser Recliner Chairs

You can use over-chair tables with riser and recliner chairs as you can adjust their height to go over the chairs, meaning you can eat from the chair.

What Is A Mobility Table?

A mobility table is a type of table designed for individuals with mobility limitations. It is typically designed to be used with a wheelchair, a bed, or a recliner and is designed to be easily moved and adjusted to the user’s needs. Mobility tables typically have a flat surface for holding items such as food, drinks, and reading materials and adjustable features such as height and tilt angle for optimal positioning and comfort. They may also have additional features, such as wheels or locking mechanisms, for added convenience and stability. Mobility tables can be a useful tool for individuals with mobility limitations who want to maintain their independence and be able to perform everyday tasks more easily and comfortably.

What Is A Folding Over Bed Table?

A folding-over-bed table is designed to be used over a bed, typically in a hospital or home setting. It is intended to be easily adjustable and foldable, allowing the user to position it over their bed as a surface for eating, reading, or working on a laptop or tablet. The table typically has a flat surface supported by a frame with adjustable legs or wheels that can be positioned to fit over the bed. It can be easily folded down for storage or transport, making it a convenient option for individuals with limited space or who need to move the table from one location to another. Folding over bed tables can be useful for bedridden individuals with limited mobility, allowing them to perform everyday tasks more easily and comfortably.

Can You Get An Over Chair Desk?

Yes, you can get an over-chair desk, an overbed or a chair table. An over-chair desk is a type of table designed to be used while sitting in a chair or recliner. It typically has a flat surface that can be adjusted for height, angle, and distance from the user and may also include features such as a built-in cup holder, book holder, or storage compartments. Over-chair desks can be a useful for individuals with limited mobility or those who spend a lot of time sitting. They can provide a convenient surface for eating, working on a laptop, or engaging in other activities while remaining seated. They can be found at medical supply stores, online retailers, and other home healthcare providers.

How To Find A Folding Table For Elderly People

There are several ways to find a folding table for older people:

  • Online retailers: You can search for folding tables for older people on online retailers. These websites offer a wide selection of tables in different styles and sizes.
  • Home healthcare providers: Many providers specialise in providing products and equipment for older people, including folding tables. You can search for local providers in your area and inquire about their selection of folding tables.
  • Medical supply stores: Medical supply stores often carry a range of equipment and products designed for older people and those with limited mobility. They may have folding tables available in-store or can order them for you.
  • Referral from healthcare professionals: If you or a loved one is receiving healthcare services, you can ask healthcare professionals for recommendations on finding a folding table for older people. They can provide you with a list of providers in your area.
  • Community resources: Local community centres, senior centres, and other organisations may have resources available for older people, including information on where to find folding tables. Contact these organisations to inquire about their resources and services.

Over Chair Tables Frequently Asked Questions

What Is An Over-Chair Table?

You may utilise this table without getting up from your sofa or bed. After surgery or an accident, an over-bed table might help you prevent painful transfers when you need to rest in bed. They’re also helpful throughout the house, especially for older adults who may have trouble reaching standard table heights and might utilise a sturdy, close-by surface for eating, reading, or other activities.

What’s The Purpose Of An Over-Chair Table?

An over-the-bed table or an over-the-chair table may offer a sturdy surface for persons who would rather not get out of bed or out of their chair to read, write, eat, or drink. Small and lightweight, the tables’ bases are designed to easily slip under or around your furniture so that the table top may lay pleasantly over your legs.