types of crutches

Types Of Crutches

Crutches are a common mobility device for those who have problems walking due to an injury, illness, or disability.

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Types of Crutches 

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Folding Crutches

 Their foldable shaft makes them easy to transport when not in use and won’t take up too much space in a bag.

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Underarm Crutches

The most frequent crutch is the underarm crutch, often called an axillary crutch. Crutches are a pair of aids for walking with a grip at the top and a rubber foot at the bottom. The user grips the handles and props their underarms on the armrests. Underarm crutches are height-adjustable walking aids best suited for those with adequate upper-body strength and balance. However, using them for extended periods may be taxing on the arms and could even cause some irritation.

Forearm Crutches

Crutches that rest under the forearm, sometimes called elbow crutches, are identical to their underarm counterparts but for the cuff that goes around the arm. The crutch is propelled forward by the user’s grip on the handles and a downward press on the cuff. If you lack upper body strength, forearm crutches are a better option.

Platform Crutches

The big top platform of platform crutches (sometimes called Canadian crutches) is designed to support the user’s hand or forearm. A cuff wraps over the wearer’s forearm. People with difficulty using traditional crutches due to a lack of upper body strength can use platform crutches instead. They’re sturdier and more supportive than forearm and underarm crutches.

Knee Crutches

Crutches are called knee crutches, patella crutches, or leg crutches. The user will put their weight onto the healthy leg and push off the ground with the damaged one. People who hurt their lower legs or can’t put any weight on their wounded limb may use knee crutches.

Summary Of Types Of Crutches

As a bonus, numerous variations of crutches are now on hand. You should see a medical professional if you need assistance determining which crutch is best for you. You should learn how to properly use crutches to keep from hurting yourself more.