Daily Living Aids

Daily living aids can help you be independent and live as close to normal life using these mobility aids. We have spent some time trying to find you a wide range of mobility aids that can help you in your or your loved ones’ daily lives.

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Last Updated on March 1, 2024 | Published: October 27, 2022

NRS Healthcare M80270 Kura Care Adult Cutlery Set

Kitchen Aids

Are you looking for kitchen mobility aids? We have found a host of mobility aids you can use in the kitchen to help you eat, cook or even carry your food.

Cutlery Mobility Aids

Some people may find it hard to use and hold normal cutlery. Here is some cutlery that can help resolve that issue.

Beakers & Plate Mobility Aids

Find beakers & plate mobility aids that allow people to drink without spilling it on them or to eat without having food go everywhere.

Bottle, Tin and Jar Openers Mobility Aids

Are you struggling to open bottles, tins or jars? Here are some mobility aids to help you or a loved one open bottles, tins or jars on their own.

Mobility Aid Trolleys

Carrying food can be hard for someone who relies on a zimmer frame or a rollator. Mobility aids trolleys allow people to move around and carry their food simultaneously.

NRS Healthcare EasyLift Overbed/Over Chair Table Beech

Top Living Aids

Living aids can help you with simple tasks such as gardening, reaching things high up or low down or helping you get change.

Handy Grabbers

Handy grabbers allow you to reach things that are high up or low down. They are light and can be kept by your bed or chair.

Blue Badge Holders

Keep your blue badge safe and hand it with a Blue badge holder.

Aids For Daily Dressing

Getting dressed may be hard for someone who has limited mobility. These dressing aids can help you.

Over Chair Tables

Over chairs and tables come with wheels and can be pulled over when your or your loved one sits down so they can eat from the chair or use it to hold things such as books or drinks.


Lighting is key to being able to do simple tasks such as reading. Here are some lights to help:

Gardening Aids

So many people love to garden, and having limited mobility should not stop you.

Winter Warmer

Stay warm this winter with these winter warmers to help the elderly stay warm.

VYTALIVING Circulation Reviver - Revitalising Foot Massager for Circulation - Circulation Blood Booster - Circulation Blood Booster for Feet and Legs

Health & Wellbeing

Health & well-being is key to a comfortable lift. Here are some health & well-being products that can help the elderly.

Foot Comfort

Keep your feet comfortable with these foot comfort mobility aids.

Joint Supports

Joint supports can help people with the extra help and protection they may need, such as for their knees or elbows.


Pillboxes are great for ensuring you do not forget to have your medication and stay organised. 

Foot Circulation

People who struggle with poor foot circulation can benefit from some of these foot circulation aids.

Amplified Telephone with Remote Emergency Button

Visual, Sensory & Hearing

People with sight or hearing loss might benefit from mobility aids such as magnifiers or amplified telephones.


You can use it to help people with reduced sight to read again. Here are some great magnifiers on offer.

Amplified Telephones

Amplified telephones make it easy for people to see phone numbers and make phone calls.

Clocks and Alarms Mobility Aids

You can get clocks that come with vibration alarms for people with hearing loss, or you can get clocks that tell you the time when you press a button. We have found a range of clocks and alarms and mobility aids to help.

Daily Living Aids Frequently Asked Questions

What are daily living aids?

Help may be useful if you have problems with ADLs, including getting in and out of bed or a chair, cooking, drinking, dressing, sitting comfortably, moving about the house, or eating.

What are different mobility aids?

There are many different types of mobility aids. This can be anything from a walking stick to a walking frame. A mobility aid is a device which provides you support or assistance with completing tasks.