Bath Lift Buying Guide

Last Updated on November 19, 2023 | Published: August 1, 2023

Bath Lift Buying Guide

Bath lifts can help someone get in and out of their bath easily. They are quick and simple to use. Discover more about bath lifts in our bath lift buying guide below.

Top Bath Lifts

How Do You Get In The Bathtub As A Senior?

Investing in a bath chair is one of the quickest and cheapest solutions. Seats can be installed either inside or outside the tub. 

How Do You Bathe A Bedridden Person?

To properly clean their eyelids, you should start washing your face at one inner corner of your eyes and work in a circular motion outward. When washing, you should pay extra attention to areas around their ears, face, and neck. It’s mandatory to wash your hands and arms individually. Scrub their stomach fold area as part of their full body wash. Do one leg at a time and rinse thoroughly.

Are Bath Lifts Safe?

It is much less of a hassle to get in and out of the tub with the help of a remote-controlled bath lift. Bath lifts have to undergo a whole range of testing to ensure they are safe before they are sold.

How Do You Get Out Of Bath With Arthritis?

Putting a grab rail on the wall of a tub or shower can make getting in and out of the fixture much safer for people with mobility issues. While washing, a shower or bath seat can help reduce strain on the knees and hips.

How Do I Clean My Bath Lift?

An impeccably clean bath lift is a necessity. Disassemble the bath stool and clean it with a mild disinfectant and surface cleaner.

What Are The Disadvantages To A Bath Lift?

Bath lifts can be expensive for someone to purchase, and if you are after a more cost-effective option there are other mobility aids you can use, such as transfer boards, which can be less expensive. Transfer boards allow someone to sit on a board and slide across to get into a bath, and they are also portable and can be stored away.

Are Bathtubs Becoming Obsolete?

In recent years, high-end showers have become more popular than bathtubs. Bathtubs may seem old-fashioned to those living in smaller living quarters. Bath lifts can unlock the ability to use your tub again. This can make your bath stop collecting dust and start using it again.
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