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Best Adjustable Beds

Overview of the Best Adjustable Beds

Welcome to our Best Adjustable Beds Guide! Elevate your sleep experience with our curated selection of top adjustable beds. Explore features, user reviews, and performance factors to find the perfect fit for your comfort needs. From customisable positions to innovative features, this guide provides key insights to help you decide on the best adjustable bed for a restful night’s sleep. Discover the leading options in the market with this concise overview.

Experience the epitome of sleep luxury with the best adjustable beds. Designed to provide ultimate comfort and personalised support, these beds revolutionise how you rest and rejuvenate. Whether you seek relief from back pain, optimise your sleeping position, or simply desire a touch of extravagance in your bedroom, the best adjustable beds offer a customisable sleep experience.

Top Adjustable Beds

Revolutionary Adjustable Bed Styles: Find Your Perfect Match

Embrace a new era of sleep innovation with revolutionary adjustable bed styles matching your unique preferences. Gone are the days of settling for a one-size-fits-all approach to sleep. Today, you can discover the perfect match for your comfort needs and style preferences. Whether you’re seeking a sleek and modern design, a luxurious and opulent feel, or a practical and space-saving solution, the world of adjustable beds offers many options to suit every taste. Unleash the power of customisation and elevate your sleep experience to new heights with these cutting-edge flexible bed styles that are as diverse as they are transformative. Your ideal sleep sanctuary awaits, waiting to be discovered among the revolutionary designs of adjustable beds.

Perfectly Compatible: Mattress Harmony with Adjustable Beds

When creating the perfect sleep experience, the harmony between your mattress and the adjustable bed is crucial. Luckily, adjustable beds are designed to accommodate a wide range of mattress types, allowing you to find the perfect match for your comfort needs. From traditional innerspring mattresses to memory foam, latex, or hybrid options, the versatility of adjustable beds ensures seamless integration between your preferred mattress and the adjustable base. Rest assured that your mattress will perfectly harmonise with your adjustable bed, providing the ideal support and adjustability for a truly restful night’s sleep.

Seamless Adjustment Mechanisms: Tailor Your Bed to Perfection

Say goodbye to the limitations of fixed sleeping positions and embrace the freedom of personalised comfort with the seamless adjustment mechanisms of adjustable beds. You can effortlessly tailor your bed to your desired position with easy-to-use controls. Elevate your head to enjoy a book or watch your favourite TV show comfortably, or raise your feet to relieve pressure and enhance circulation. Some adjustable beds even offer preset positions for added convenience. Whether you prefer a subtle incline or a fully reclined position, the precision engineering of these beds ensures smooth and silent adjustments, allowing you to find your perfect sleeping or lounging position easily.

Unparalleled Comfort and Support: Experience a Night of Bliss

Prepare to embark on a journey of unparalleled comfort and support with adjustable beds that redefine the meaning of a blissful night’s sleep. These beds are engineered to provide exceptional lumbar support and pressure relief, promoting proper spinal alignment and reducing aches and pains. The ability to customise your bed’s firmness, height, and angle ensures you can find the ideal position to suit your body’s unique needs. From eliminating tossing and turning to minimising partner disturbances, adjustable beds offer comfort and support that surpasses traditional flat mattresses. Experience the transformative power of a customised sleep surface and wake up refreshed and rejuvenated each morning.

Indulge in Relaxation: Massage and Dual-Zone Control at Your Fingertips

Indulge in a world of relaxation and pampering with adjustable beds with built-in massage features and dual-zone control. With just a touch of a button, you can enjoy a soothing massage that targets specific areas of your body, promoting relaxation and relieving tension. Some beds even offer customisable massage programs and intensity levels to cater to your preferences. Also, dual-zone control allows you and your partner to independently adjust your side of the bed, ensuring that you can find your ideal sleeping or lounging position without compromise. Discover the ultimate relaxation and personalisation with adjustable beds that bring the spa experience into the comfort of your home.

Take Command: Explore the Innovative Remote Control Features

Seize control of your sleep environment and explore adjustable beds’ innovative remote control features. With intuitive and user-friendly remotes, you can effortlessly adjust your bed to your desired position, saving your preferred settings for future use. Some advanced models even offer wireless or smartphone app controls, allowing you to fine-tune your sleep experience without leaving the comfort of your bed. From adjusting the height and angle to activating massage programs or smart home integration, the remote control becomes your command centre, empowering you to create the perfect sleep sanctuary tailored to your preferences.

Built to Last: Durability and Construction that Withstand Time

Investing in an adjustable bed means investing in a sleep solution built to last. These beds are constructed with durability and longevity, utilising high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship. The sturdy frames and robust motors ensure the bed’s stability and smooth operation, even after years of use. Additionally, the materials used to construct adjustable beds are chosen for their ability to withstand the rigours of flexible positioning, ensuring that your bed maintains its performance and structural integrity over time. Rest easy knowing that your adjustable bed is a reliable and durable sleep companion that will continue to provide you with exceptional comfort and support for years to come.

Beyond the Basics: Discover Additional Features and Accessories

Adjustable beds offer limitless possibilities beyond the basics, with additional features and accessories that enhance your sleep experience. You can further improve your sleep environment with accessories like mattress toppers, pillows, or specialised sheets designed specifically for adjustable beds. Discover the endless options available and create a personalised sleep sanctuary that caters to your every need.

Value Meets Quality: Assessing the Cost and Value of Adjustable Beds

When evaluating adjustable beds, assessing the cost and value proposition they offer is essential. While adjustable beds typically represent a higher upfront investment than traditional beds, their exceptional features, customisation options, and potential health benefits make them a valuable long-term investment in your sleep and well-being. Consider the bed’s construction quality, warranty coverage, customer reviews, and the manufacturer’s reputation. By weighing the cost against the benefits and longevity of an adjustable bed, you can make an informed decision that aligns with your budget and sleep needs, ultimately providing you with the best value for your investment.

Assured Peace of Mind: Warranty and Customer Support You Can Count On

When purchasing an adjustable bed, peace of mind is essential. Look for manufacturers that offer comprehensive warranty coverage, ensuring protection against potential defects and malfunctions. A reliable warranty guarantees that the manufacturer stands behind their product and is committed to your satisfaction. Additionally, consider the availability of responsive and helpful customer support to address any inquiries or concerns that may arise. Knowing that you have reliable warranty coverage and dedicated customer support ensures that you will be cared for throughout your adjustable bed ownership journey. Rest easy knowing that you are backed by a company that values your satisfaction and offers the support you can count on.

Bestselling Electric Adjustable Beds

Bestseller No. 1
BackCareBeds Majestic Electric Adjustable Bed with Memory Foam Mattress – 3ft Single | Classic 1B Headboard | Available in Single, Large Single or Small Double | 5 Colour Options
  • 3ft Single – High-Quality Electric Adjustable Bed (Black colour) – With 1B Headboard, A simple style rectangular headboard. with Choice of 5 colours
  • Flat Packed For Easy Self-Assembly. Includes 2 Man delivery to the room of your choice. Installation can be arranged.
  • German-made Electric Adjustable Bed Mechanisms with powerful whisper-quiet motors. Easy to Operate hand controls and adjusts the Back and Leg sections independently. Two Separate Mattresses & Two Controls.
  • Memory Foam Mattress Included – 8 Inch (20cm) thick, high-quality Memory 500 Mattresses – The Base layer – Enhanced High-Density polyurethane foam with a high – Resilience core that retains excellent body posture. The Top Layer – 50mm of Memory Foam reduces pressure points, improving comfort. All fillings are totally hypoallergenic. Mattress Upgrades are available for specific requirements.
  • Available are, Braked Castors – Storage Drawers and Heavy-Duty upgrades for users over 18 stone.
Bestseller No. 2
sleepkings Sleepwell Electric Adjustable Bed for Seniors Cream Chenille with Headboard and 8-inch Maxicool Memory Foam Mattress (3ft Single)
  • The head end can be raised to a sitting position to help you get in and out of bed
  • Hugely Reliable German motor that guarantees to lift the body weight of up to 18 stones
  • Chenille material in 6 colors, easy glide castor wheels, and matching headboard
  • 6 button controller provides the following positions: head end up and down, foot end up and down, and head and foot end up and down
  • 3 years warranty for your peace of mind including mechanism, bed frame, mattress, and even motor
Bestseller No. 3
Majestic 3ft INDIVIDUAL (3’ Single), 3’6” (3ft 6 Large Single) or 4’ (4ft Small Double) Electric Adjustable Bed, 8 Colours Memory Foam Mattress. Rectangular Headboard, German made Mechanism-Ash
  • SINGLE 3ft 1inch (94cm) – or – LARGE SINGLE 3ft 5inch (104cm) – or – SMALL DOUBLE 4ft 1inch (124cm) HIGH-QUALITY ELECTRIC ADJUSTABLE BED – Curved Headboard – Choice of 3 sizes in 8 colours (samples available on request) Mattress length 6ft 6inch – STANDARD HEIGHT to top of mattress is 22″ (56cm) We can make it 2″ (5cm) higher or lower on request. FLAT PACKED Easy Self-Assembly. Installation can be arranged (Call for a price to your area) Includes 2 Man delivery to the room of your choice.
  • German made Electric Adjustable Bed Mechanisms with powerful whisper quiet motors. EASY TO OPERATE hand controls adjusts the neck and back sections, the upper leg section and feet whilst the centre section is static. Designed for users up to 18st (115kg) – upgrade to our ‘HEAVY DUTY’. version for users up to 25st (159kg) is available.
  • MEMORY FOAM MATTRESS INCLUDED – 8″ (20cm) thick, high quality ‘Memory 500 Mattress’. 5 Year Warranty. THE BASE layer – Enhanced High-Density polyurethane foam with a high-resilience core that retains excellent body posture. THE TOP LAYER – 50mm of MEMORY FOAM reduces pressure points which in turn improves comfort. All fillings are totally hypoallergenic. MATTRESS UPGRADES are available for specific requirements.
  • HIGHEST QUALITY adjustable beds at the LOWEST FACTORY DIRECT PRICES. UPGRADES & OPTIONAL EXTRAS – ‘Headboard Options’ – ‘Braked Castors’ – ‘Storage Drawers’ – are all available. Request details when we call you as soon as we receive an order or Contact Back Care Beds or search backcarebeds or bcbstore.
  • CONTACT – We must be able to call you to arrange Delivery, IS YOUR PHONE NUMBER linked to Amazon correct? – VAT HAS NOT BEEN CHARGED Adjustable beds are zero rated for people with long term chronic illness such as Asthma, Arthritis, Osteoporosis, Diabetes, Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Parkinsonâ€s, C.O.P.D and many more conditions. – DELIVERY AREAS that have an additional charge – INSTALLATION IS AVAILABLE on request – RETURNS can only be accepted if unopened and unused
Bestseller No. 4
sleepkings Restwell Electric Adjustable Bed + Memory Mattress User Weight up to 25 Stones Charcoal Grey (3ft Single)
  • The set includes a standard adjustable bed base and an 8-inch memory foam mattress
  • The head end can be raised to a sitting position to help you get in and out of bed
  • Hugely Reliable German motor that guarantees to lift the body weight of up to 25 stones
  • The foot end stop bar keeps the mattress in place
  • Wired remote plugs into the side of the base so you never lose it
Bestseller No. 5
Flamaker Super King Electric Adjustable Bed Frame, Dual Motorised Electric Bed Base, Adjust The Headboard Up To 40° and Your Legs Up To 10°, With Remote Control, Black
  • 【Adjustable Bed Base Frame】 Through the motor installed under the bed frame, the up and down function can be realised under the control of button or remote control, which can adjust the height of the bed at any time according to different needs, so that the human body can be in the best sleep state, and it is also convenient for the operation of the caregiver.
  • 【Unmatched Stable Bed Frame】 Flamaker Adjustable Bed Base Frame is made of steel, sturdy and durable, the bed frame itself is made of high-quality black lacquer, which is not easy to rust, and is also very easy to take care of, and cleaning can be done with just a light wipe, which ensures that you will be able to maintain the excellent quality even after a long time of use.
  • 【Silent & Motor】 Our bed frame itself uses a high-quality motor to stabilise to achieve the bed frame can be rotated, our motor has been tested, running only 55 sound shells, in order for you to adjust the bed frame at the same time also maintains the quietness of the night, to ensure the quality of sleep.
  • 【Ergonomic Remote】 At your bedside, you can adjust the bed frame through the remote control, the angle of the head of the bed is adjusted to 30°when the foot of the bed will also be lifted up, the foot of the bed is rotated at a maximum angle of 10.5 °and the head of the bed is rotated at a maximum angle of 45 °, so that you can regulate the optimal sleeping position to improve the quality of sleep, or have a better angle to alleviate the fatigue of the time you are reading a book, watching TV, and so on.
  • 【Strong Load Bearing】Flamaker Bed Base Frame adopts the foot diameter of 6cm and contains steel pillars, the surface of the foot is made of frosted material for more durability, and the bed frame itself is made of steel structure, which makes the maximum load bearing up to 600KG.

Dos and Don’ts for Choosing the Best Adjustable Beds


  • Assess Individual Needs: Evaluate the specific needs of the user, considering factors such as health conditions, sleep preferences, and mobility requirements.
  • Test Comfort Levels: Whenever possible, test different adjustable beds to assess comfort, support, and the range of adjustments offered.
  • Check Adjustment Options: Look for beds with multiple adjustment options, including head and foot elevation, to cater to various sleeping or resting positions.
  • Verify Mattress Quality: Ensure the mattress accompanying the adjustable bed meets personal preferences for firmness or softness, providing optimal comfort.
  • Consider Additional Features: Explore beds with additional features such as massage functions, USB ports, or under-bed lighting for convenience.
  • Research User Reviews: Read user reviews and testimonials to gain insights into the real-world experiences of individuals who have used the particular adjustable beds you are considering.


  • Neglect Health Considerations: Pay attention to all health considerations. Consult with healthcare professionals if specific health concerns or conditions may influence the choice of an adjustable bed.
  • Choose Without Testing: Avoid selecting an adjustable bed without testing its suitability for comfort and support. Testing helps ensure that the bed meets specific sleep and relaxation requirements.
  • Ignore Size Requirements: Ensure that the adjustable bed is available in the desired size and is compatible with existing bedroom furniture and space constraints.
  • Disregard Mattress Quality: Don’t overlook the quality of the mattress. The mattress is crucial in providing comfort and support on an adjustable bed.
  • Overlook User-Friendly Controls: Choose beds with user-friendly controls. Overly complicated control systems can be challenging, especially for individuals with limited mobility.
  • Forget About Warranty Coverage: Check the warranty coverage for the bed frame and the mattress. Ensure that the warranty terms meet your expectations and provide adequate protection.

When selecting the best adjustable beds, prioritise individual needs, test comfort and functionality, and consider features that enhance the overall sleeping experience. Thorough research ensures that the chosen adjustable bed aligns with your preferences and requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions About Adjustable Beds:

What is an adjustable bed? 

An adjustable bed frame allows users to adjust the position and angle of the head, foot, or both, providing customised support and comfort. It typically consists of a motorised base and a mattress designed to flex and adapt to adjustable positions.

Can I use my existing bed frame with an adjustable bed? 

In most cases, adjustable beds come with frames specifically designed to accommodate the motorised base and provide optimal support. Therefore, using an existing bed frame with an adjustable bed is generally impossible. However, adjustable bed frames can often be used with compatible headboards and footboards for aesthetic purposes.

Are adjustable beds only for medical purposes? 

No, while adjustable beds are often used for medical purposes, they are also suitable for non-medical purposes. Many people choose adjustable beds for their enhanced comfort, convenience, and ability to personalise their sleeping or lounging positions.

Can couples use an adjustable bed? 

Yes, adjustable beds are available in different sizes, including twin XL, queen, and king sizes, allowing couples to use them comfortably. Some adjustable beds even have dual adjustment capabilities, allowing each partner to independently customise their side of the bed.

Are adjustable beds noisy when adjusting positions? 

Modern adjustable beds are designed to operate quietly. The motorised mechanisms used in high-quality adjustable beds are generally quiet and produce minimal noise when adjusting positions.

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