Building Regulations For Stairlifts

Last Updated on March 22, 2024 | Published: February 7, 2023

buildingregulations for stairlifts

No planning clearance is required to build an indoor stairlift inside an existing home. Always check with your local government before making any outside home renovations. Here are some of the Building regulations for stairlifts.

Building Regulations For Stairlifts Key Points:

Key PointsDescription
Planning ClearanceNot required for a stairlift
Planning ApplicationRequired for a platform lift
Listed Building ConsentRequired before making material changes
Minimum Stair Width850mm required in newly constructed residences for future stairlift installation

Do You Need Planning Permission for a Stairlift?

Since a stairlift shouldn’t compromise the structural integrity of your house or place of business, you won’t require planning clearance. Contemporary stairlift installation procedures ensure the stairlift track is firmly secured to the floor. You may need to submit a planning application to build a platform lift.

Installing Stairlifts Into Grade Listed Homes

Building limitations are in place to protect the historical importance and aesthetic value of properties with a grade listing. You must apply for Listed Building Consent to your local authority before making any improvements considered “material changes.” Therefore, getting in touch with them first is often advisable. It is not unheard of since elevators are a common feature of many grade-listed and historic buildings, including churches and museums.

Building Specifications And Rules

The 2015 Building Regulations’ Part M covers home and commercial building access. To accommodate the installation of a stairlift in the future, it is required that stairs in newly constructed residences have a minimum width of 850mm. 

*Disclaimer – Always check with your local council website and see the rules they have regarding your home. If in doubt, consult an expert first who can evaluate your situation on an individual basis

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