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Can I Get a Free Personal Alarm? Everything You Need to Know

Last Updated on November 19, 2023

Can I Get A Free Personal Alarm

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Please Note: This is not medical advice, and you should seek the advice of a doctor or a qualified medical professional.

Many individuals are interested in discovering whether any free personal alarms are available since they believe they are an excellent tool for guaranteeing safety and security. There are several shops where you may buy personal alarms. In this article, we’ll discuss the numerous methods by which a person might get a personal alarm and the benefits and drawbacks of each approach.

What Is A Personal Alarm?

A portable device you might call  to sound an alert in an emergency. It generates a loud, attention-grabbing sound that may make others aware of your predicament and aid in your escape from harm. Personal alarms are often carried in a handbag or pocket or worn as a necklace around the neck.

Who Needs a Personal Alarm?

Everyone may feel safer and more protected thanks to personal alarms, but those who may already be at risks, such as older people, those with impairments, and women, may find them especially helpful.

Are There Free Personal Alarms Available?

Some organisations and charities provide free personal alarms to people who need them. However, these options are often limited and may only be available to specific groups, such as older people or people with disabilities.

How to Get a Free Personal Alarm

There are several places you may go to get a free individual alarm:

  • See if a community agency or municipality in your area gives out free personal alarms by contacting them.
  • Make contact with shelters for women and persons with disabilities, as well as other groups that assist those in need who are in vulnerable situations.
  • Personal alarms may be given out as a promotion by national campaigns or at charity events.

Pros and Cons of Free Personal Alarms

  • A free personal alarm is a terrific way to ensure your safety without spending any money. Those who could not buy one alone may benefit greatly from them.
  • However, a downside to using a free personal alarm is that it may not be as robust or dependable as a paid one. Discovering a free alarm that meets your demands may be challenging since their number is likely small.

Summary Of Can I Get A Free Personal Alarm

While obtaining a free personal alarm is possible, it may be limited options. Many organisations and charities provide personal alarms, but availability may be limited. It’s important to weigh the pros and cons of a free alarm and consider whether it’s the best option for your needs. If you cannot find a free alarm, consider purchasing one from a reputable supplier to ensure it is reliable and effective in an emergency.

SaleBestseller No. 1
ALEENFOON Patient elderly Alert Alarm System Rechargeable Wireless Pager Alarm Home Safety Emergency Call Button Doorbell Elderly Caregiver Personal Pager for Kids Handicapped Pregnan (1 to 2)
  • 【Practical & Reliable】Ideal as an alarm for those who need quickly help, like the elderly, child, handicapped, pregnant women or sick, since nanny of caregiver can not always stay with patients or the disabled, simply press the call button to get timely and considerate care without yelling.It can also be used as doorbell.
  • 【Long Range】Up to 80 meters range in open area (walls and other objects will reduce the range), and using 16-bit encoding to eliminate interference from other devices, provides the performance to work virtually anywhere in your home.
  • 【More Alert Options】58 alarm sounds to choose from, and sound + light alert ways. 5 level adjustable sound volume (including mute), max 95db. Great for the aged. The receiver designed with LED torch, convenient for emergency usage.
  • 【Convenient Placement】The waterproof transmitter comes with hanging rope can be worn as a pendant, or placed at bedside. Receiver can be wall mounted with hanging rope, placed on the desk or carried in caregiver’s pocket. Transmitter has waterproof ring, IP54 waterproof which is more durable.
  • 【Low Battery Indication】1, If no operation or press the transmitter, the receiver makes the special Ding, Ding, Ding sound (three times sound), this means the receiver has low battery, please charge the receiver in time. 2, The paring between transmitter and receiver may lose contact after very low battery, items is not defective, just pair them manually to fix. Receiver can be charged by USB cable; transmitter powered by 1 x button cell (included). If any usage problem, please contact us!
Bestseller No. 2
ALEENFOON Home Safety Patient Alert Alarm System Wireless Alarm Emergency Call Button Plug-in Elderly Monitor Caregiver Personal Pager for Elderly Kids (1 to 2 white)
  • 【Practical Use】Ideal for use as an alarm for those who need quickly help, like the elderly, child, handicapped, pregnant women or patient, sick, simply press the call button to get timely and considerate care, It can also be used as doorbell. Widely used in home, hospital, community, restaurant, office and so on.
  • 【Easy to Use】Plug the receiver into power socket in the place where you need to be reminded, the waterproof transmitter can be worn as a pendant, or placed at bedside. 90~250V Main powered receiver works with Low power consumption transmitter enjoys long standby time.
  • 【52 Alert Options & 80M Range】52 alert sounds to choose from, with LED light flashes alert. 4 level adjustable volume, max 110db great for the aged. No switch is designed to prevent missing the important emergency alarm. Up to 80 meters range in open area (walls and other objects will reduce the range), no interference from other devices.
  • 【Call mode】Press SOS button once ( 1-2 seconds), receiver will alarm once. If you need continuous alarm, please repeatedly press SOS button.
  • 【Low Battery Indication】1, If no operation but LED light indicator of transmitter keeps flash, means low battery, please replace batteries; 2, The paring between transmitter and receiver may lose after replace battery, items is not defective, pair them manually to fix; 3, Use a flat screwdriver (not included) to lift up right or left side of transmitter front lid when replace battery.
Bestseller No. 3
SINGCALL Tuya Wifi Smart SOS Emergency Button for Elderly, Personal Alarms for Elderly Patient Seniors Disabled Kids Connected to Phone, the Panic Button with a New Blue Design
  • 【Reassuring care alarm button conncted to phone】This WiFi emergency button can be connected to phone to realize remote push. When encountering danger, the elderly can push the SOS Transmitter and the signal will be send to the phone. Stable registration, long-distance transmit, no messy code.
  • 【Convenient to take care of Elderly/Patient/Disabled/Pregnant】The alert call bell has large button, is waterproof and portable, and is convenient for elderly/patient/disabled/pregnant to use at home. Take care of the young and old at home anytime, anywhere. One-click help to prevent accidents, push it to the mobile phone through the home WIFI, send alarm notification.
  • 【2.4Ghz WIFI connection pairing】The personal alarm button needs to be paired with the smartphone in the 2.4GHz WIFI environment. After the pairing is successful, the Tuya wifi call button needs to always be in the WIFI environment where it was paired, and the paired smartphone only needs to connect to the network. Even if you are in another city, your smartphone can receive alarm notifications from Tuya wifi call button.
  • 【Share function】When our family members also want to receive calls from our parents, they can download the Tuya App on their smartphones and share the panic alarm button on their main account to other accounts. This way, when our parents press the button, other family members can be notified and we can take better care of our ageing parents. One button can be shared to up to 20 smartphones.
  • 【Service guarantee】Our products are delivered using Amazon logistics and packages are generally expected to arrive at your home in 1-2 days. We offer a 30 day return service. A detailed instruction manual is included in the product packaging and you can contact us by email if you have any problems using the product.
SaleBestseller No. 4
Vantamo Personal Alarm for Women – Extra Loud Double Speakers, First with Low Battery Notice with Strobe Light, Rechargeable – Safety Alarm Keychain
  • BE CONFIDENT ABOUT YOUR SAFETY: On nights out or running in the park, our self defense alarm can help you feel safer and scare off attackers; one of the must-have personal safety devices for women
  • LOUD & BRIGHT: The self defense siren is up to 130dB loud; when combined with a powerful flashing light, it can confuse a potential attacker and draw the attention of passers-by
  • DON’T GET CAUGHT OFF GUARD: We’re serious about self defense for women; the low battery indicator on our personal keychain alarm ensures you’re always prepared, one charge lasts up to a year
  • FEEL SAFE IN STYLE: Our personal alarms for women are perfect for women who want to feel safe and stylish at the same time; choose from various trendy, safe alarm colors to match your style
  • A PRICELESS GIFT: Self defense items for women are a priceless gift idea that can bring peace of mind to your loved ones; our safety alarms are a great addition to any self defense kit for women
Bestseller No. 5
Personal Alarm for Elderly and Dementia With SOS Button, Fall Alarm and 2-way Voice Calling – Dedicated UK App for Family Peace Of Mind (4g)
  • Designed for elderly users, Dementia, Alzheimers and their families
  • Room beacons available separately let you check daily routine and movement around the home for the past 7 days.
  • Two way Voice communication with loud, high quality sound – talk with loved ones just like a phone.
  • SOS emergency button (alerts all authorised app users immediately, then telephones up to 3 emergency contacts in turn until answered).
  • Fall detection alerts you if the wearer falls over. Zone alerts if the wearer roams outside a chosen area.

Please Note: This is not medical advice, and you should seek the advice of a doctor or a qualified medical professional.

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