How Do Wheelchair Users Get Into A Car?

Last Updated on May 17, 2024 | Published: May 8, 2024

How Do Wheelchair Users Get Into A Car?

For many people, getting into a car is a simple, routine task. So how do wheelchair users get into a car?

But for some, getting into a vehicle while using a wheelchair might be challenging. 

In this piece, we will discuss the many methods a wheelchair user may utilise to enter a car, as well as some important reminders and guidelines.

Option 1: Transferring From The Wheelchair To The Car Seat

Wheelchair users can easily enter a vehicle by transferring to a car seat. Only those who can move without assistance should consider this option.

Moving from a wheelchair to a car seat requires a vehicle with a low floor and an easily accessible seat. Some autos include motorised seats and folding backrests to make transferring people from one vehicle to another easier. Transfer boards or similar devices are also advised to facilitate the movement from the wheelchair to the automobile seat.

Option 2: Using A Wheelchair Lift Or Ramp

Alternatively, you may use a wheelchair lift or ramp to enter the vehicle. Wheelchair lifts are devices that may be attached to the rear or side of a car and enable a wheelchair to be hoisted into the vehicle.

There are both manually operated and motorised wheelchair lifts and ramps on the market. While some car lifts are permanently mounted, others are moveable and may be removed when not used.

Option 3: Using A Wheelchair-Accessible Vehicle

Accessible vehicles provide a third way to travel (WAV). Wheelchair-accessible vehicles are cars, vans, and trucks that can accommodate passengers who use wheelchairs. Vehicles that meet the WAV definition include vans, buses, and even automobiles.

Wheelchair-accessible vehicles (WAVs) often include features like a lower floor, a ramp or lift, and wheelchair securement points. Power doors, ramps, and adapted seats are just a few additional amenities available on certain WAVs.

Summary Of How Do Wheelchair Users Get Into A Car?

Last but not least, there are many methods by which a person who uses a wheelchair might get access to a car. Using a wheelchair lift or ramp, a specially designed vehicle, and the ability to easily transfer from a wheelchair to a car seat all fall under this category. Weighing the individual’s needs and talents against the available choices and means yields the optimal course of action.

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