How To Care for Your Stairlift

Last Updated on November 19, 2023 | Published: February 7, 2023

How To Care for Your Stairlift

Any equipment needs maintenance to function properly and last longer; this article provides some helpful maintenance guidance. Thanks to our cleaning and maintenance guide, you can learn how to handle them on your own or with help from a friend or family member. Here is how to care for your stairlift.

How To Care for Your Stairlift Key Points:

Key PointsDescription
The region of the lift where the chair or chassis travelsThis area is referred to as the rail or track.
Utilise your stairlift as directedTo ensure proper usage of your stairlift.
Periodically, the track has to be oiledTo keep the track running smoothly.
Look to see if anything is blocking the stairlift trackBefore using your stairlift to ensure that it is not obstructed.
If cleaning agents are employedBoth the chair and carriage and the roller on the stairlift track may be damaged.

Stairlift Rail Maintenance Instructions

The region of the lift where the chair or chassis travels is referred to as the rail or track. They come in various forms and sizes and may be constructed of steel or aluminium. Some metals are coated, whereas others are not. You should follow the guidelines mentioned on painted and untreated surfaces.

Utilise Your Stairlift As Directed

Although using a stairlift to transport items up and down stairs is handy, we don’t advise since doing so might harm your stairlift if the weight restriction is exceeded.

Keep Your Stairlifts Electricity On

Turning off your stairlift might harm the battery pack since it consumes so little energy while it is in operation. Your batteries’ lifespan should be increased by keeping everything connected.

We Advise Doing The Following Steps To Maintain A Nice, Functional Rail:

Cleaning and drying stairlift rails – Begin by gently cleaning them with a wet microfiber towel if the rail faces are heavily pitted or dusty. Avoid touching the potential location of the rack teeth since they can be oily.

If your rail is filthy, clean it with baby wipes or regular wet wipes.

Before cleaning the region where the roller meets the rail, dry the rail with a microfiber towel and use a duster and a little quantity of furniture polish with a wax base. If you do this, the rollers won’t squeak as they go around the track.

Stairlift Track Lubricants

Assigning this task to a maintenance professional or family member may be preferable for older adults. You must complete the whole track, which may be difficult. Switch off the stairlift before doing this activity. Periodically, the track has to be oiled.

Cleaning is necessary since failing to do so might result in dust and black carbon residue accumulating on the track. Using a very small quantity of lubrication is best since using more might make the rollers slide rather than roll. Make sure the chain is free of lubricant.

Maintain Peace At All Times.

Look to see if anything is blocking the stairlift track. Most stairlifts include safety features that turn them off if they run into anything. Avoid adding any impediments in the path since they could trap little objects.

Use No Solvents While Cleaning

If cleaning agents like solvents, chlorine, or abrasives are better suited for cleaning a walk-in bathtub or shower, the delicate and crucial sections of the stairlift may corrode or short-circuit. If cleaning agents are employed, both the chair and carriage and the roller on the stairlift track will likely be harmed. The stairlift will stall or halt if the roller loses friction or slides.

Always Adhere To The Directions

Drink a hot beverage and spend some time reading the stairlift handbook. The guidebook offers thorough guidelines for use and maintenance and practical advice. Have your guide handy while troubleshooting, as rapid fixes often result in lower callout fees or repair costs.

Prepare For Your Stairlift Trip

For your protection, remember to strap up. All of the clothing has to be tucked in. We would hate for someone to lose their favourite cardigan, even if it doesn’t happen often.

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