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About Mobility Insurance?

Mobility insurance is available for all mobility products (through the Mobility Scheme). The only person insured to use the scooter or motorised wheelchair is the person whose name appears on the list of eligible users in the insurance policy.

It is always wise to get insurance on your mobility product as it will mean your mobility product is protected from:

  • the complete cessation of product theft
  • You are liable for any losses.
  • Legal costs and uninsured loss recovery
  • While using your scooter or motorised wheelchair, you may utilise it for protection.
  • The item(s) supplied by your dealer with the scooter or motorised wheelchair should be covered to prevent them from harm while you ride.

Be sure to shop around and look at reviews on mobility insurance companies to make sure you get the best deal and protection. Remember cheapest isn’t always best.


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