Riser Recliner Chair Buying Guide

Last Updated on November 19, 2023 | Published: July 30, 2023

Riser Recliner Chair

Riser Recliners Chairs are comfortable seats people can use to relax in their living room. Check out our Riser Recliner Chair Buying Guide below.

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What Is A Riser Recliner Chair?

A riser recliner chair allows you to easily go from seated to standing. You may adjust the seat’s height, depth, and tilt to find your ideal sitting and standing position.

How Does A Riser Recliner Work?

Standard wall plugs power the chair’s motorised lift and recline function. This is why there is a remote control included with the seat.

Can You Put A Recliner On The Risers?

Simply attaching a riser to the legs of a reclining chair makes it suitable for use by persons of varying heights. An easy way to get an additional 4 to 6 inches of standing space is to add only 1.75 inches to the height of your chair.

How Are Riser Recliner Chairs Powered?

Standard wall plugs power the chair’s motorised lift and recline function. Adjust the settings of the chair via the in-chair remote. Using a low-voltage motor, you may quietly and effortlessly lift the chair from a completely reclined position.

Where Should Your Feet Hit On A Recliner?

When reclining, your feet should always stay on the edge of the seat. If your chair has a footrest, place your heels on its edge.

Are Recliners Good For Leg Circulation?

Improves Circulation Standing or sitting for long periods causes fluid to pool in the veins, which reduces blood flow to the legs and feet. Lying down with one’s legs and feet up improves circulation because blood is transferred from the lower extremities to the rest of the body.

Can You Adjust The Height Of A Recliner?

To adjust the height of a chair, remove or tighten the corresponding bolts on the frame. Reclining the chair allows you to put your feet flat on the floor.

How Do I Choose A Riser Recliner?

Because there is a broad range of riser recliner dimensions, you can choose one that is most comfortable for you. 

How Do You Know If A Recliner Is The Right Size For You?

The person whose body will be most affected by the chair’s dimensions is the one most suited to make that decision. If you’re looking for a luxurious place to relax, choose a chair at least 35 inches broad but no more than 40 inches wide. For maximum comfort, aim for a seat width of 40 to 45 inches—plan on giving the broadest chair at least 50 inches of space.

What To Check Before Buying A Recliner

Before furniture shopping, measure your living room to ensure a proper fit. You should give it a go if finding the right fit is crucial. It’s smart to look around for acceptable clothing options. Save money without sacrificing quality. 

What Is A Good Seat Height For Seniors?

For convenient tucking under a table apron, choose chairs with a seat height of 18 inches and an arm height of 26 inches. You should be seated somewhere secure and comfortable at the dinner table.

What Is The Most Comfortable Material For Recliners?

The cloth reclining seats are the standard. Fabric-upholstered recliners need the same little upkeep as their leather counterparts. Even the simplest furniture may be made to seem more like home when draped with high-quality tight-weave linen.

Is A Recliner Suitable For Old People?

A recliner is a lifesaver for the elderly who may have trouble getting up from regular chairs. They facilitate getting up and sitting down and may be customised for the most comfortable night’s sleep. Daily alternating between sitting and lying down may help ease stiffness and increase flexibility.

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