Guide To Stairlift Cleaning

Last Updated on November 18, 2023 | Published: February 7, 2023

Guide To Stairlift Cleaning

Cleaning your stairlift can keep it in working order, last longer, and reduce the chances of breaking it. Here is a guide to stairlift cleaning.

Guide To Stairlift Cleaning Key Points

Key Points
Turn off the stairlift at the plug before cleaning
Avoid using excessive water when cleaning
Regular cleaning extends the life of your stairlift

Switch Everything Off

Make sure your stairlift is off at the plug before cleaning it. Cleaning it at the bottom of the stairs rather than the top is another piece of advice. You risk falling if you attempt to clean it at the top of the steps.

Check Out The Handbook

Refer to the user guide. It would help if you got acquainted with the proper stairlift cleaning and maintenance procedures.

Use A Damp Cloth And Water

Your stairlift should be readily cleaned with a damp cloth. Keep the towel dry, which might damage the stairlift’s electronics and functionality. Keep the water away from electricity.

Cleaning Procedures For A Stairlift

Never believe that more water is equivalent to cleaner. You should keep moisture away from the electrics. A few wipes with a moist cloth is sufficient.

Techniques For Cleaning The Stairlift Rail

We are stairlift specialists. We are aware of potential chaos. We’ve seen everything. Dust accumulation is likely. The dust is imprinted onto the guide as the machine moves through. The use of a degreasing solution that doesn’t leave residues is desirable.

Frequency Of Cleaning Your Stairlift

How often does a stairlift need cleaning? You should routinely wipe down the stairlift’s track and seat, as you would other furniture in your home. Cleaning lengthens the life of your stairlift. Be sure to clean it once a week.

Keep The Tracks Going

Regularly lubricating the stairlift rack and teeth makes every ride considerably more pleasurable. A thin coating of white lithium oil should be placed on the gear rack teeth on the stairlift’s rail wall side. The nozzle on the lithium grease allows for accurate lubrication spraying. Aim the nozzle toward the gear rack teeth and spray some oil there. Apply a very thin layer with caution to the gear rack teeth.

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