Standing Stairlifts

It is common practice to refer to a standing stairlift as a perch lift. This lift was constructed so anyone who has problems safely navigating stairs may use it.

Features Of Standing Stairlifts

There is much room for customisation regarding security and convenience on certain standing stairlift types. In addition to the usual features like seatbelts and nonslip platforms, newer versions often now have adjustable footrests. Most freestanding stair lifts include battery backup systems so they may continue operating in the event of a power loss.

Benefits of Installing a Standing Stairlift

Some of the most important advantages and benefits are as follows.

  • Users of a standing stairlift benefit from increased mobility and freedom as a direct result of the fact that they do not need help while going up or down the stairs, even if they may require aid when moving between floors.
  • Standing stairlifts include a safety belt and a non-slip platform as standard equipment. This stairlift is a wonderful option for anyone with problems sitting or standing for extended periods.
  • Riders of standing stairlifts have the advantage of standing on a sturdy platform that is pleasant to do so on while the lift moves them both up and down the stairs.
  • Practical and inexpensive answer: Instead of relocating to a single-story house or renovating your current one to include a ramp, you may find it more cost-effective to install a standing stairlift.

Choosing the Right Standing Stairlift

There are a few things to think about while deciding on a standing stairlift, such as:

  • Make sure the free-standing stairlift you purchase fits your staircase by measuring its width and depth.
  • Check the weight capacity of a standing stairlift before using it.
  • Look for a standing stairlift covered by a guarantee to avoid financial risk.
  • You must consider your budgetary limitations and choose an appropriate device to get the most out of your standing stairlift investment.

Summary Of Standing Stairlifts

Persons who have trouble getting about may find a standing stairlift to be a helpful purchase. If you utilise a standing stairlift, you will have better mobility and reduce your risk of being injured in an accident. As a result, your house may become easier to enter, safer, and more pleasurable for you to spend time in. When looking for a standing stairlift, it is necessary to consider the size of your staircase, the weight of the person using it, how long the guarantee will last, and how much it will cost.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What Is A Standing Stairlift?

A standing stairlift, also known as a perch lift, is designed to help individuals with mobility issues navigate a staircase. It provides support and stability to users while standing on the stairs, allowing them to reach their destination easily and comfortably.

How Does A Standing Stairlift Work?

The platform of a standing stairlift travels vertically up and down a track connected to the railing. The individual using it stands on the platform and grips the railing for balance and support. The motorised platform may be operated by remote control or an onboard toggle switch.

Is A Standing Stairlift Suitable For Individuals With Mobility Issues?

People who have trouble moving about but can stand and grab the handrail for support may discover that a standing stairlift is an option that works well for them. You must converse about this issue with an expert medical practitioner to assess whether or not a standing stairlift is suitable for your needs.

How Much Does A Standing Stairlift Cost?

The cost of a standing stairlift varies depending on the model and manufacturer. When making a purchase, it is vital to include in a budget for a standing stairlift, in addition to taking into account various elements such as the warranty and the maintenance.

Can A Standing Stairlift Be Customised To Fit My Needs?

Some standing stairlift manufacturers allow customers to personalise their products to meet their requirements better. It is essential to confer with an expert to ascertain whether or not customisation can be accomplished and to learn about the possibilities that are accessible.

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