What Happens If You Misuse A Review Mobility Profile?

Last Updated on May 17, 2024 | Published: April 20, 2024

What Happens If You Misuse A Review Mobility Profile?

Mobility Review has a strict policy of not tolerating fraudulent reviews and does not accept them under any circumstances.

Cheating or attempting to rig the Review Mobility system by creating fictitious reviews or manipulating your Review Mobility profile to boost your rating is strictly prohibited. We will remain watchful to safeguard the platform’s integrity and take necessary action to discover any misuse.

When Do We Classify Something As Misused On Review Mobility?

  • Maintaining many personas to publish a large number of reviews
  • Attempting to get testimonials from those who have not used mobility service providers, such as family or relations.
  • When someone says anything negative about the mobility company, the company reports it as defamatory. It is not merely false when that is wrong.
  • As financial or other incentives, requesting non-clients to submit assessments.
  • On the company’s internal network, reviews are being filed by false individuals.
  • I am using a third party to make evaluations for the mobility company while not being a genuine client.
  • Encourage clients to provide a good review after completing mobility activities at the organisation’s facilities.
  • Review Mobility may take whatever action it sees fit.

If we observe any misuse, we will notify your mobility company. You will be able to offer any justification for the use.

Review Mobility Reserves The Right To Take Any Of The Following Actions:

For an initial 8-week period, we will remove reviews filed since the commencement of the fraud consumers, and we will add a “misuse” comment to the mobility company profile.

Before adding new reviews to the mobility enterprises’ profiles, clients must undergo further verification processes.

They encourage the mobility provider to employ a process that confirms their identification to ensure that all reviews are from verified consumers.

What Can I Do If My Mobility Company is brought Into Question?

If your organisation has encountered, one or more of the behaviours indicated above on its Review Mobility profile page. Your first move should begin engaging with the platform. We will think of er mobility businesses the opportunity to move beyond any prior wrongdoing if they do not repeat their impolite behaviour.

It is entirely free to use the platform to gather consumer reviews.

Any improper mobility company message will remain in place for the first eight weeks. A member of the Review Mobility team meticulously evaluates each member’s profile to ensure that they retain reviews and consistently collect them. If the thou hts are not properly managed, we will remove the message from the profile. It has been discovered that just a small number of reviews have been collected; we will show the notification for eight weeks. We will examine the profile and delete the message if reviews are consistently received. The firm has not rectified d its misuse by the conclusion of the 16-week term; we will repeat the process but with more significant time intervals between reviews.

The gathering of review information is seen as a verified process that may be classified as one of the following:

  • Just one specific request from a client (through Review Mobility)
  • Managing CSV Uploads (through Review Mobility)
  • Review Mobility’s Honest, Authentic, and Transparent platform is a realistic depiction of what reputation is like in the mobility sector. We follow several measures to ensure that our strict code of ethics is not broken. Trust and trustworthiness are essential components of the Review Mobility ideology, and we will work hard to maintain these crucial principles.
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