Which Stairlift Is Best? A Guide to Finding the Best Option for Your Home

Last Updated on November 18, 2023 | Published: January 23, 2023

which stairlift is best

A stairlift may significantly improve the accessibility of your property. So Which Stairlift Is Best? A Guide to Finding the Best Option for Your Home.

These tools are designed to make it easier for people with mobility impairments to negotiate stairs, enabling them to move about their homes without restriction. 

Straight Stairlifts

As the name implies, straight stairlifts are intended for usage on straight stairs. They are often the least expensive choice and simple to install. The greatest candidates for these stairlifts are those who just need to utilise one flight of steps.

Curved Stairlifts

On the other hand, curved stairlifts are designed to be used on staircases that have landings or twists in the treads. Because they are built to conform to the configuration of your staircase expressly, these stairlifts are an excellent option for homes with steps that are not standard in their design. However, their price may be more than that of a normal stairlift.

Outdoor Stairlifts

If you need a stairlift for a staircase placed outside, you will have to look for a model that is particularly developed for use in outdoor settings. These stairlifts are impervious to the element’s destructive forces and can function in any environment. They are also built to be more resilient to withstand the wear and tear that comes with being used in outdoor environments.

Features to Consider

You must take several factors into account, but the following are among the most crucial:

  • Check the seat width and depth to ensure it’s a good fit for the user.
  • Find out whether the stairlift can handle the user’s weight by looking at the specifications.
  • You should always prioritise safety while using any lift, so make sure the one you choose has seat belts, footrest sensors, and emergency stop buttons.
  • Consider whether a remote control for the stairlift would be useful if you had access to one.
  • Consider if it would be useful to have a foldable seat that can be kept out of the way when not in use.

Summary Of Choosing the Right Stairlift

Considering your unique needs and the layout of your home is essential before purchasing a stair lift. 

Straight stairlifts are great for homes with one flight of stairs, while curved ones are the best option for homes with many curved flights of stairs. 

Consider the breadth and depth of the seats, maximum weight, and safety measures to ensure you get the best option.

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