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Best Crutches

Overview of the Best Crutches

Welcome to our Best Crutches Guide! Find the perfect support for your mobility needs. Explore top-rated crutches based on comfort, durability, and user reviews. Whether recovering from an injury or seeking long-term assistance, this guide offers insights to help you make an informed decision. Discover the best crutches for your unique requirements and confidently regain mobility with this concise overview.

Welcome to the world of the best crutches! When finding the perfect crutches to support your mobility and enhance your daily life, we understand the importance of making the right choice. Whether you’re recovering from an injury, managing a long-term condition, or seeking assistance for temporary mobility challenges, our comprehensive guide will help you navigate through the top crutches available. From innovative materials and customisable features to optimal comfort, stability, and portability, we’ve curated a selection of crutches that prioritise your needs and ensure a seamless walking experience. Get ready to explore the world of crutches combining functionality, style, and reliability, empowering you to move confidently and regain your independence. 

Top Crutches

Crutch Types: Discover Your Perfect Fit

When it comes to crutches, different types are available, and it’s essential to discover your perfect fit. Understanding the various crutch types can help you choose the one that best suits your needs and provides optimal support and mobility. Whether you’re considering underarm crutches for traditional support, forearm crutches for increased stability and control, or platform crutches for a hands-free option, each type has unique features and advantages. You can find the perfect fit that aligns with your comfort, mobility, and lifestyle by exploring and comparing the different crutch types. Get ready to embark on a journey of discovery as you explore the world of crutch types and find the one that suits you perfectly.

Innovative Materials: Crutches That Combine Durability and Style

Crutches have come a long way in design and materials. These modern crutches offer the perfect balance between strength and aesthetics thanks to innovative materials, such as lightweight aluminium and high-strength carbon fibre. They are built to last but also feature sleek and visually appealing designs that make a statement.

Weight Capacity: Finding Strength to Support You

When choosing crutches, finding the strength to support you is key, starting with considering the weight capacity. The weight capacity of crutches determines the maximum weight they can safely accommodate, ensuring your safety and stability during mobility. Selecting crutches that can bear your body weight comfortably and provide reliable support is crucial. Whether you require crutches with higher weight capacities for added stability or lighter options for ease of manoeuvrability, discovering the right weight capacity is essential for your mobility needs. By finding crutches with the appropriate weight capacity, you can confidently rely on their strength to support you every step of the way.

Height Adjustability: Your Crutches, Your Perfect Fit

When it comes to crutches, achieving the perfect fit is crucial, and height adjustability plays a key role. Your crutches should be customised to your unique height for optimal comfort and support. You can personalise the crutches with adjustable height settings to suit your needs. Whether you are tall or short, easily adjusting the height ensures that the crutches are at the right level to provide proper support and promote a natural walking posture. Say goodbye to uncomfortable, ill-fitting crutches and embrace the freedom of finding your perfect fit. With height adjustability, you can confidently navigate your daily activities with crutches tailored to your specific requirements, making mobility a more comfortable and enjoyable experience.

Comfort Maximizers: Walk with Ease and Confidence

Regarding crutches, comfort is the most important factor, allowing you to walk easily and confidently. Crutches prioritising comfort maximisers are designed to provide a pleasant and supportive experience throughout your mobility journey. From cushioned underarm rests to ergonomic hand grips, these crutches are crafted with your comfort in mind. They minimise discomfort, pressure points, and fatigue, enabling you to move more easily and sustainably. With features like contoured handles and padded arm cuffs, comfort maximisers ensure that your mobility is functional and enjoyable. Say goodbye to soreness and discomfort and embrace the crutches that prioritise your comfort, empowering you to walk easily and confidently.

Stability and Safety: Steady Steps for Peace of Mind

Stability and safety are paramount regarding crutches, offering you steady steps and peace of mind. Crutches designed with a focus on stability and safety provide the support you need to move confidently and securely. They have non-slip rubber tips or anti-slip ferrules that ensure traction and prevent slipping on various surfaces. Additionally, these crutches may have additional safety features like wrist straps or shock-absorbing mechanisms to enhance stability and minimise the risk of falls or accidents. With stability and safety as the guiding principles, these crutches give you the assurance and confidence to navigate your daily activities with peace of mind. Say goodbye to worries about balance and instability, and embrace the crutches that prioritise your safety, allowing you to take steady steps towards greater independence.

Portability on the Go: Lightweight Crutches for Your Active Lifestyle

If you lead an active lifestyle and value portability, lightweight crutches are the perfect companion for you on the go. These crutches are designed with your mobility needs in mind, offering a lightweight construction that makes them easy to carry and manoeuvre. Whether travelling, commuting, or simply moving around your daily environment, lightweight crutches provide the convenience and freedom you desire. Their compact and foldable design allows for effortless storage and transportation, fitting seamlessly into your lifestyle. Don’t let heavy and cumbersome crutches hold you back. Embrace the freedom of lightweight crutches that allow you to maintain your active lifestyle easily. Get ready to experience portability as you move with agility and flexibility wherever your adventures take you.

Foldacrutch Lightweight Folding Crutches Red
  • Unfolded length: 51cm / 20″
  • Folded length: 18cm / 7″
  • Sold as a pair of crutches
  • Velcro cuff strap
  • rubber grip handle

Cost and Value: Investing in Your Mobility

When considering crutches, assessing the cost and value is important, as you’re essentially investing in your mobility. While cost is a factor to consider, it’s equally important to evaluate the crutches’ overall value. Look beyond the price tag and focus on the benefits and features they provide. Consider factors such as durability, comfort, adjustability, and safety features. Opting for high-quality crutches may require a slightly higher investment upfront, but they can offer long-term value by providing reliable support and lasting performance. Remember, your mobility is priceless, and investing in crutches that prioritise your needs and offer a great balance between cost and value ensures that you can move confidently and independently.

Warranty and Support: Rest Assured, We Have Your Back

Having a reliable warranty and support system is crucial for your peace of mind when purchasing crutches. A comprehensive warranty ensures that you are covered in case of any manufacturing defects or malfunctions. It guarantees that your investment is protected and that any issues will be promptly addressed. Additionally, strong customer support adds an extra layer of confidence. Whether you have questions, need assistance with adjustments, or require replacements, knowing that a dedicated support team is ready to assist you can make all the difference. With a dependable warranty and support system, you can rest assured that your needs are taken care of, allowing you to focus on your mobility and journey towards greater independence.

Best Selling Crutches

SaleBestseller No. 1
NRS Healthcare Double Adjustable Crutches with Comfy Handle, Long/Tall – Pair
  • Pair of crutches with adjustable handgrip height and cuff
  • Comfortable, contoured pressure distributing handles. Cuff diameter 9.5 cm (3.75 inch)
  • ideal for people with arthritis or grip problems
  • Suitable for users over 5 ft 8 inch. Handle height adjustable 68-93.5 cm (27-37 inch)
  • Please see full measurement details in description below to choose the right size
Bestseller No. 2
PEPE – Crutches for Adults Men (x2 Units, Open Cuff), Elbow Crutches for Women, Adjustable Crutches for Walking, Adult Crutches Pair, Walking Crutches for Men, Black Crutches – Made in Europe
  • ♥ ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT: The crutch has 11 adjustments to perfectly adapt it to the user’s height.
  • ♥ LIGHTWEIGHT: The weight of the crutch (1.1 lbs) makes it a light and easy to carry mobility device. Weight is an important factor in favouring the user’s comfort.
  • ♥ SAFETY AND CONFIDENCE: The tip of these crutches provides the user with great grip and stability as it is made of PVC with a self-draining system.
  • ♥ RESISTANT: They have an extruded raw aluminium frame and a polypropylene handle and elbow pad. Thanks to these materials, the crutches are strong and durable. Maximum user weight: 275 lbs.
  • ✔ RECOMMENDED FOR: Using in periods of convalescence and rehabilitation of injuries. PRICE PER PACK OF 2 UNITS.
SaleBestseller No. 3
NRS Healthcare Double Adjustable Crutches – Plastic Handle – Long
  • Handle Height: 530-806mm (21-32″) Cuff to Handle: 200-275mm (8-11 )
  • Triangular shape and angle of handle reflect natural hand shape
  • Handles spread pressure evenly over hands for greater comfort
  • Long length for tall person
  • Max user weight limit: 180 kg (20 st)
SaleBestseller No. 4
DRIVE DEVILBISS HEALTHCARE Aluminium Underarm Crutches (Adult), 114cm
  • The standard aluminium crutch provides stability and durability
  • Double extruded centre tube provides additional strength to weight bearing area
  • Push-pin adjustment makes it easy to adjust crutch height in 1″ increments
  • Non-skid, jumbo size vinyl contoured tips provide excellent traction
  • Easy wing nut adjustments for hand grips
Bestseller No. 5
DAYS Double Adjustable Crutches for Adults, Comfy Grip Handle Elbow Crutches, Lightweight Mobility Aid, Standard, Handle to Ground Height 64 cm-94 cm
  • Lightweight, anodised aluminum crutches built for long-lasting performance and recommended for patients with long-term disabilities
  • Handle that measures 690 – 940 mm (27 – 37 Inch) handle to ground, and features a double adjustable design for custom use
  • Arm cuffs, plastic hand grips, and aluminum construction is wipe clean, easy to sanitise, and excellent for personal and professional use
  • Non-marking, slip-resistant ferrules offer added safety while in use indoors or outdoors on concrete, polished tile, and hardwood flooring
  • Unique design reduces strain on the user’s wrist and is excellent for everyday, long-term use
Bestseller No. 6
Ossenberg Classic Open Cuff Ergonomic Grip Elbow Crutch – Black – Single | Lightweight Height Adjustable Economy Comfort Coloured Forearm Crutch for Adults Men & Women Mobility and Walking Aid
  • This black Ossenberg Classic Open Cuff Crutch is a high-quality yet low cost walking aid that provides exceptionally reliable support for people recovering from an injury or adults with a longer term mobility issue and is available in a wide range of colours.
  • Produced in Germany to the highest standards, this crutch is made from aluminium making it strong yet lightweight, only 600g’s in weight per crutch, and features an open cuff design that gives the user freedom and flexibility when out and about
  • The crutch features an ergonomically shaped handle that fits comfortably in the palm of the hand, giving the user a good solid grip and is tipped with a 16mm rubber ferrule for maximum traction and grip which greatly minimises the risk of a user slipping or skidding
  • This stylish forearm elbow crutch is fully adjustable through a good height range, allowing the user to find the perfect height for maximum comfort and stability. Adjusting the height is quick and easy with the simple to operate clip adjustment
  • Ossenberg Classic crutch is suitable for all users between 1500mm (5’) and 2000mm (6’8”) in height, with a minimum handle height of 762mm (30”), and a maximum handle height of 965mm (38”), Th crutches maximum user weight is 140kgs (22st)
Bestseller No. 7
NRS Healthcare Height Adjustable Crutches with Plastic Handle – Pair
  • Height adjustable crutches
  • Handles spread pressure evenly over hands for greater comfort
  • Fitted with non slip ferrule feet for stability
Bestseller No. 8
BQKOZFIN 1 Pair (2 Units) Folding Forearm Crutches for Adults, Ergonomic Handle with Comfy Grip, Lightweight Adjustable Arm Crutch with Non-Slip Base for Walking, Black
  • 【Adjustable 10 Height Levels】You can adjust the crutch’s height from 36.6″~45.3″ (93~115 cm). With 10 adjustable button, you can adjust the comfortable height according to your needs.
  • 【Foldable Design】The crutches can be folded and stored, suitable for carrying around when traveling. Without worrying about the difficulty of carrying, it is a good travel companion.
  • 【Lightweight & Sturdy】Made of aluminum alloy, the lightweight of the crutches (1.94lb) make it easy to carry. Providing stability for those who need extra support and balance, holding a maximum load of up to 220Ib in complete safety.
  • 【Ergonomic Handle】Our forearm crutch is made of durable material, non-slip surface texture. Half-enclose the arm, the curved design of the rubber handle fits the palm of the hand, reduces the fatigue of the hand and wrist. It is very comfortable even if it is used all day.
  • 【PVC Non-slip Base】The base is made of PVC material, which is wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant. The crutch’s foot pads provide great adherence and stability because they’re made of PVC with a self-draining system.
Bestseller No. 9
Sunrise medical Double Adjustable Crutches with PVC Handle – Medium – Pair
  • Double adjustability – handgrip and cuff to handgrip
  • Soft-touch, comfortable PVC handle
  • Fitted with non slip ferrule feet for stability.
  • Max user weight limit: 160 kg
  • Pair supplied
Bestseller No. 10
Ossenberg Comfort Grip Closed Cuff Double Adjustable Crutches – Pink – Pair | Height Adjustable Elbow Crutches for Men Women Adults Arthritis Comfort Anatomic Handle Forearm Ergonomic
  • These Pink Ossenberg Comfort Grip Elbow Crutches are mobility aids that provide exceptional support, comfort and balance for people recovering from an injury and those that require additional assistance when walking. All colours are available to buy as a pair or a single crutch.
  • These adult crutches are made from aluminium making them strong yet lightweight and feature a closed cuff design that provides security and control when out and about. The crutch feet are hardwearing and durable for maximum traction and grip which significantly minimises the risk of falls and slips.
  • For user comfort, these elbow crutches benefit from ergonomically designed handles that are shaped to distribute the user’s weight more evenly through the palms. It’s like having a built in crutch pad and helps minimise pressure and pain in the wrists, hands and arms, especially when the crutch is used for a long period of time.
  • These lightweight crutches are double adjustable through a wide range allowing each individual to select the perfect settings for use. Adjustment can be done quickly, easily and securely with the ‘e’ clip. These crutches are supplied as a pair – one right-handed crutch and one left-handed crutch.
  • Manufactured in Germany to the highest standards, the versatile crutches are suitable for men, women and children between 1500mm (5’) and 2000mm (6’8”) in height. Minimum handle height: 720mm (28”), Maximum handle height: 1020mm (40”), Maximum user weight: 150kgs (23st). Supplied fitted with a 19mm ferrule.

Dos and Don’ts for Choosing the Best Crutches


  • Consider Mobility Needs: Evaluate the user’s specific mobility needs, considering factors such as stability, weight-bearing capacity, and ease of use.
  • Choose the Right Type: The appropriate type of crutches, whether forearm crutches, underarm crutches, or platform crutches, based on the user’s comfort and mobility requirements.
  • Check Adjustable Features: Look for crutches with adjustable height settings to ensure a proper fit for the user. Proper adjustment helps prevent discomfort and promotes safer use.
  • Verify Weight Capacity: Ensure the chosen crutches can safely support the user’s weight. Crutches with a weight capacity that exceeds the user’s weight provide an added margin of safety.
  • Consider Ergonomic Design: Choose crutches with ergonomic handles and grips to enhance user comfort during prolonged use.
  • Check Material and Durability: Consider the material of the crutches and verify their durability. Lightweight yet sturdy materials contribute to both ease of use and long-term reliability.


  • Overlook User Comfort: Pay attention to the importance of user comfort. Uncomfortable crutches can lead to additional strain and discomfort during use.
  • Neglect Proper Sizing: Ensure proper sizing before selecting crutches. Ill-fitted crutches can result in poor posture, discomfort, and potential injury.
  • Choose Based Solely on Price: While budget is a consideration, don’t decide solely based on price. Consider the overall quality, features, and comfort provided by the crutches.
  • Ignore Terrain Considerations: Consider the terrain where the crutches will be used. Some types of crutches may be better suited for outdoor or uneven surfaces.
  • Disregard Professional Advice: Don’t disregard the advice of healthcare professionals. Consult a healthcare provider or physical therapist to ensure the chosen crutches suit the user’s needs.
  • Forget About Storage and Portability: Consider the storage and portability of the crutches, especially if the user needs to transport them frequently. Collapsible or easily storable crutches are more convenient.

When selecting the best crutches, prioritise user comfort, proper sizing, and features that align with the user’s mobility needs. Consulting with healthcare professionals ensures that the chosen crutches suit the individual’s health condition and requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions And Answers About Crutches:

What are crutches? 

Crutches are mobility aids that assist individuals with leg injuries or conditions affecting their walking ability. They typically consist of a pair of vertical supports that extend from the ground to under the armpits, with handles for gripping and weight distribution.

What are the different types of crutches available? 

Several types of crutches are available, including underarm crutches, forearm crutches, platform crutches, and knee scooters. Each type has benefits and considerations, and the choice depends on the user’s needs and mobility requirements.

How do I choose the suitable crutches for my needs? 

When choosing crutches, factors to consider include your height, weight, level of mobility, and any specific conditions or injuries. It is recommended to consult with a healthcare professional, such as a doctor or physical therapist, who can assess your needs and guide you on the most suitable type and size of crutches.

What are the advantages of forearm crutches over underarm crutches?

Forearm crutches offer several advantages over underarm crutches. They provide better stability, improved manoeuvrability, and reduce strain on the armpits and shoulders. They are often recommended for individuals who require long-term use or have more significant mobility limitations.

Can crutches be adjusted for different heights?

Yes, most crutches are designed with adjustable features to accommodate users of different heights. The height can typically be adjusted by altering the length of the crutch shafts or using push-button mechanisms.

How should I properly use crutches? 

Proper usage of crutches involves:

  • Placing the crutches slightly in front and to the side of your body.
  • Using your hands to grip the handles.
  • Bearing weight through your hands and arms.

Maintaining an upright posture, taking small steps, and using a smooth, controlled motion while walking with crutches is essential. It is advisable to receive instructions from a healthcare professional on the correct technique for using crutches.

Are crutches suitable for everyone? 

Crutches can suit individuals with sufficient upper body strength and balance to support their weight. However, they may not be recommended for individuals with certain medical conditions, severe mobility limitations, or who cannot safely use crutches. A healthcare professional can assess your situation and recommend the most appropriate mobility aid.

Can crutches be used on stairs? 

Using crutches on stairs can be challenging and potentially hazardous. Avoiding stairs while using crutches is generally advisable unless you have received specific training and guidance from a healthcare professional. A stair lift, handrail, or alternative mobility aid may sometimes be recommended.

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