Best Profiling Care Beds – Best Sellers

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Best Profiling Care Beds - Best Sellers

Profiling care beds are crucial in providing comfort, support, and optimal care for individuals with mobility limitations or medical conditions. These beds offer adjustable features that allow caregivers to customise the bed’s positioning, providing comfort and facilitating ease of care. This article will explore today’s top profiling care beds, highlighting their key features and benefits.

Top Profiling Care Beds

Adjustable Height and Profiling

The best profiling care beds offer adjustable height and profiling options. These beds can be raised or lowered to various heights, facilitating safe transfers and caregiver access. Additionally, the profiling function allows for adjusting the bed’s head, foot, and knee sections, enabling optimal positioning for individual comfort and support.

Electric Motorised Controls

Profiling care beds have electric motorised controls that allow for effortless adjustments. These controls are user-friendly and can be operated by the caregiver and the individual using the bed. The electric controls enable smooth and precise adjustments, enhancing comfort and ease of use.

Advanced Pressure Redistribution Mattresses

Profiling care beds often have advanced pressure redistribution mattresses for optimal comfort and pressure relief. These mattresses are designed to distribute body weight evenly, reducing the risk of pressure sores and enhancing comfort during extended periods of bed rest. The mattresses may incorporate foam, gel, or air technologies to provide support and pressure relief.

Side Rails and Safety Features

Safety is a top priority in profiling care beds. These beds are equipped with side rails that can be easily raised or lowered to prevent falls and provide support while getting in and out of bed. Additionally, the beds may feature safety mechanisms such as locking mechanisms for stability, emergency stop buttons, and anti-entrapment features to ensure the safety and well-being of the individual.

Accessories and Customisation Options

Profiling care beds often offer a range of accessories and customisation options to cater to individual needs and preferences. These may include integrated reading lights, storage solutions, built-in scales, patient lifting systems, and specialised mattress overlays. These accessories and customisation options enhance the functionality and adaptability of the bed to meet specific care requirements.

Easy Maintenance and Cleaning

Profiling care beds are designed for ease of maintenance and cleaning. They often feature removable and washable components such as mattress covers, side rail covers, and bed frames that can be easily cleaned or replaced. This ensures hygiene and cleanliness, promoting a safe and comfortable environment for the individual.

Bestseller No. 1
Essential Basic Profiling Mattress Healthcare
  • This Item can have VAT Relief claimed
  • Highly cost effective profiling mattress
  • Designed for frequent, everyday use
  • Incredibly comfortable and supportive
  • Suitable for use with profiling beds
Bestseller No. 2
NRS Healthcare Community Bed Grab Rail Handle, Soft Grey, Medium, P94367
  • NRS Healthcare P94367 community bed grab rail handle for metal profiling beds with re designed clamp
  • For use with metal profiling beds, can be used with cotsides/integral bed side rails
  • Helps a person sit up and rise from bed, various hand holds make it easy to pull yourself up to seated position
  • Handle measures: 50cm (19 3/4 “) in height and 27.5cm (11 3/4 “) in width. Max user weight: 160kg (25 stone)
  • Comes ready assembled – easy to fit to bed, no tools required
SaleBestseller No. 3
NRS Healthcare Standers EZ Adjustable Bed Support Rail
  • Use as bed rail to prevent falling out of bed, or as a hand rail to assist getting in or out of bed
  • Adjustable in length
  • Pivots down for transfers or carer access
  • Not suitable for Profiling / power controlled beds
Bestseller No. 4
NRS Healthcare M66429 Community Bed Grab Rail Handle for Metal Profiling Beds
  • NRS Healthcare M66429 Community Bed Grab Rail Handle for Metal Profiling Beds
  • For use with metal profiling beds, can be used with cotsides/integral bed side rails
  • Helps a person sit up and rise from bed, various hand holds make it easy to pull yourself up to seated position
  • Handle measures: 49.5 cm (19½ Inch) in height and 27.5 cm (11 inch) in width. Max user weight: 135 kg (21 stone)
  • Comes ready assembled – easy to fit to bed, no tools required
Bestseller No. 5
Casa Med Ultra FS Nursing Bed – Electric Profiling Bed with Integral Side Rails and Castors
  • GREAT USER COMFORT – This profiling bed features an electrically powered backrest, leg rest, knee break and lower leg elevation for enhanced comfort and safety functions.
  • EASILY ADJUSTABLE – This attractive beech effect nursing home bed can be raised and lowered electrically or with a remote control thanks to four-section mattress support, dual motor headrest and knee brake adjustment.
  • INTEGRATED SIDE RAILS – This home hospital bed with integral side rails prevent patients from falling, thus ensuring improved patient safety.
  • EMERGENCY LOWERING – This electric profile bed features a quick action lowering bolt mechanism for use in the case of an emergency.
  • EASY TO ASSEMBLE – This electric homecare bed is designed for tool-free assembly and dismantling allowing the primary caregiver to do it by themselves without needing any expert knowledge.
SaleBestseller No. 6
Pressure Relieving Care Home/Hospital Bed Mattress (High Risk Mattress)
  • Pressure Relieving Care home / Hospital Bed Foam Mattress
  • Zonal castlellations assist with pressure redistribution
  • The cover is vapour permeable, waterproof & multi-stretch.
  • Medium Size- L1990 x D127 x W900
  • High Risk – L1990 x D152 x W900

Summary Of Best Profiling Care Beds

Profiling care beds provide individuals with mobility limitations or medical conditions the comfort, support, and care they need. With their adjustable height and profiling options, electric motorised controls, pressure redistribution mattresses, safety features, accessories, and ease of maintenance, these beds offer enhanced comfort and facilitate optimal care. By selecting the best profiling care bed that suits their needs, individuals can experience improved comfort, independence, and the highest quality of care in a home or healthcare setting.

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Profiling Care Beds

What is a profiling care bed?

A profiling care bed, an adjustable or electric care bed, is a specialised bed designed for individuals who require assistance with positioning, comfort, and care. These beds offer various adjustable features to provide optimal support and facilitate caregiving tasks.

What are the main features of a profiling care bed?

Profiling care beds typically have adjustable features such as height adjustment, backrest adjustment, leg rest adjustment, and sometimes even Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg positions. Some beds offer additional features like built-in side rails, integrated weighing scales, and caregiver controls.

What are the benefits of using a profiling care bed?

Profiling care beds offer several benefits for individuals and caregivers. They provide enhanced comfort, promote proper body alignment, aid in pressure redistribution, facilitate easier transfers and repositioning, and assist with caregiving tasks such as wound care, bathing, and feeding.

Can profiling care beds be customised to individual needs?

Many profiling care beds offer customised options for individual needs. This can include mattress selection, side rail options, and additional accessories like patient lifting poles, IV pole attachments, or integrated nurse call systems. Customisation ensures the bed meets the user’s specific requirements and the care environment.

Are profiling care beds suitable for home use?

Yes, profiling care beds can be used in various settings, including healthcare facilities and private homes. They provide essential support and care for individuals with mobility limitations or medical conditions requiring positioning and care assistance.

*When selecting a profiling care bed, it’s important to consider individual needs, consult with healthcare professionals or occupational therapists, and choose a bed that meets safety standards, offers necessary features, and enhances comfort and care for the user and caregiver.

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