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  • Robert H

    My mother bought a Dolphin stair lift for my father back in 2019 as he had mobility problems. It cost around ÂŁ4500, When it was installed the PCB (Printed Circuit Board) keep blowing. On the 3rd attempt it worked. Just before the warranty was up it needed a couple so my mother called the service department. The engineer was not able to come until after the warranty ran out. They then charged my mother ÂŁ90 for a service despite her calling them before the warranty period was up. After the machine was fixed she was asked if she would like to extend the warranty for another 12 months at a cost of ÂŁ240. She politely declined the offer.

    We later found out how much a service would cost. ÂŁ90 to book a service and then another ÂŁ90 per 30 minutes. So if the engineer was onsite for 31 minutes, and not necessarily working that would be another ÂŁ90 for that extra minute. Total rip off.

    I now use the chair as I am an above knee amputee.

    The lift broke down again on 29th July this year leaving me trapped upstairs and the only way of getting up or down was to bum shuffle. We called an independent engineer who arrived on 2nd August to take a look at it.It needed new batteries at a cost of ÂŁ90 & ÂŁ90 for a call out and time which was nearly 2 hours. By the 5th August it had died again. We called the independent again who turned up on the 8th and traced the fault to a PCB which his company does not supply. So we contacted Dolphin who came on the 10th and confirmed it was the PCB was at fault. He then left and we haven’t had a peep since.

    I know that this maybe a rare occasion but their customer service stinks.

  • S.H

    Dolphin lifts after care really is non existent. There are several people who are disabled that are using the same lift in this home. It’s unfortunate but it’s how we need to manage.
    When the stairlift breaks down it’s a traumatic event as you can imagine.

    We are either stranded upstairs or downstairs.
    Dolphin are just blasé about it all with an attitude of “oh well, we can’t predict this” and leave. Tone of voice, how they say things, attitude is just not the most abrupt and not sympathetic voices I’ve ever heard dealing with disabled, vulnerable people who are going to be left unsafe in their home.

    They have an attitude, that’s for sure.

    And they never stock parts. When I asked them why. I got the most lame reply that was obviously a lie.

    I would chose not to be a customer of this company

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