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40 reviews
  • Robert

    I fully recommend this company! I wasn’t sure if their Gravis scooter will be suitable for me, as I have never seen any before, on the photos scooter was great, so I was very keen to try one. Fortunately on their website they offer test drive for all scooters, so I booked a home demonstration, their driver showed up a couple of days later with the scooter, presented all features of it and explained how to use it safely. After about an hour I was sure that the scooter is suitable for me, so I right away paid for the scooter, and now I’m very happy with my 4 wheeler Gravis scooter from Veleco.

  • Jackie

    I have ordered the scooter via website, however I was not sure which one would be the best for me. I called the company and once I spoke to a lovely customer support I decided to go with Faster model in blue. And it is a life saver! The delivery was super fast, and a nice gentleman who came to me has shown me all the features of it. They have answered all my doubts and I must admit I have never been so impressed with such an amazing customer care- and trust me I can be hard to handle! Since then I have had zero problems, I take it shopping or to see my grandkids. My life changed so much. Thank you Velobike!

  • Sophie

    I ordered a scooter from them, although it was not cheap. I had concerns about whether it would be good for me. Even before the purchase, I had a lot of questions that were answered by the lady on the phone. She also assured me that they would make a demo of the scooter and show me how to ride it. I am very happy and impressed with how they care for their buyers. I can recommend them with a clear conscience. Now my husband envies me such a scooter, he says that the price is adequate to the quality, and he wants the same only with 4 wheels, may they also have one!

  • danny

    I bought a ZT15 for my father from velobike. I have to say that he is very lucky, and for his 63 years old, he flies on a scooter like a teenager. Now he only wishes he had a second seat. Nothing is more valuable than seeing him experience his second youth. The more so because his disabled leg has general problems with walking.

  • emily

    Some time ago, I helped my mother in buying a scooter from VELOBIKE. I think I can definitely recommend their service, lady on the phone was so helpful and explained everything very clearly. The gentleman who presented the, scooter was also extremely helpful and answered all our questions. Both my mother and I found the whole experience really pleasant. Mom can now go shopping and around the neighborhood whenever she wants, and she is not dependent on my help. She struggles with a disability on a daily basis. Great service I must say, and the scooter is really comfortable and good to ride, at least that’s what mom says.

  • Graham

    Great service and communication with company. Highly recommend

  • Glinda

    Ordered ZT15, very nice looking scooter and very good price. Delivery on time, driver very polite. Would buy again šŸ™‚

  • Barbara

    Excellent service. Beautiful scooters

  • leslie b.

    Servis worth recommending, I love my new scooter! Thank you velobike!

    1. Joseph M

      One has bought a Brand New ZT15 Blue 3 Wheel Scooter &. And This Fabulous Item Was Delivered On 03/09/22, The Scooter Is Lovely And Really Comfortable To Drive/Menouver.This Scooter Is A Game Chaer & Really Terns Head’s.While Driving This Scooter. Would Highly Recommend This Mobility Scooter For Other Customers Looking For A Great Purchase. 100%

  • Kate

    I can’t say a bad word, I really like the whole experience from placing an order to delivery. Very helpful staff! šŸ™‚šŸ™‚šŸ™‚

  • Margaret

    Good, very polite and informative. Rafael took an extra mile to extensively explain all the features of the scooter to me. I love the colour! I would strongly recommend your company to others. Thank you!

  • Michael

    I already have a second scooter from this company. The quality is truly incomparable. Now I can enjoy every day šŸ™‚

  • John W

    Very friendly staff and professional service. They really know what they are doing

  • Edward

    Excellent service fantastic product
    Great service from purchase to the delivery. I had a query on the delivery and send an email they where very responsive I had an email back in 45mins and a phone call the same day. My father is extremely happy with the scooter and he has an engineering background so looks at the small details. I can say I recommend this company and a ZT63 fantastic scooter!

    1. B Watson

      Hi can you tell me do I need a licence for this vehicle. Has it exceeds 8mph limit for class 3 mobility scooter. Just need to know because I really want one. Kind regards Bri n Sue

  • Max

    I have been struggling with the decision to buy a mobility scooter for a very long time. The choice is huge and the vehicles have very different equipment. It is hard to make a decision on your own. Luckily, Ms Agnes from Velobike company helped me to choose an electric vehicle which would suit my needs. I have had it for two years now and I am really happy with my purchase.

  • Lorjane P

    I bought myself a ZT 63 and I have the prettiest scooter among my girlfriends. It is really nice to go shopping šŸ™‚

  • Jennifer W.

    The mobility scooter purchased from velobike is not my first vehicle of this type. I have had mobility problems for a very long time so I have had the opportunity to try many products of this type. I must say that I am very satisfied with the value for money. So far, the veleko scooter is my best choice.

  • lukec

    Communication, delivery all good. The scooter itself does not look like a mobility scooter. Easy to ride and manoeuvre into its lock up. Top quality bike! Arrived in a perfect condition. its simply brilliant 10 out of 10! Thanks

  • Joseph

    The nicest service in the world. The phone call to the office made it easy for me to choose a scooter and order and the man who brought it to me showed me how it worked and let me ride it to learn everything.

  • Gianna

    The whole operation for purchasing a mobility scooter went very smoothly. However, I have reservations about the paper manual. The man who brought me the scooter showed me everything and was very patient. Then I wanted to see in the manual what one button was for. It was not there šŸ™ I called the office and there they quickly gave me all the information.

  • Matt

    very solid equipment

  • George J

    This company really cares about their customers. I was looking for a new brake cable for my scooter. I did not know that I could call their office to get help. So I searched for information on the internet. I wrote a question on Facebook and after 2 minutes a velobike employee answered me and gave me all the information I needed. I am very impressed

  • Tracey

    I bought a ZT63 from Velobike in May 2021. It is awesome! I’m only 50 so wanted something a bit fun and not too old. I wanted a machine to be able to go walking with my dog in rough terrain. I had a test drive and decided to buy. My bike developed a minor problem but when I rang the company they sent a mechanic to my house straight away to fix. I’ve had my 3 month service and all fine and shortly, I will arrange for my 9 month service. This is a great machine and has handled any terrain so far with ease. I’m living again thanks to Velobike!!

  • Emily

    My delivery was not on time and I couldn’t wait for my new scooter. Thankfully I only waited a day longer. I am so happy to have it now.

  • Roman

    Hello, everyone.
    I have serious problems walking after a car accident. i bought sb a small and clever ZT16. This not apparent little scooter has made my life incredibly easy. It is very twistable and lightweight. The 2nd class of this scooter allows me to get around on pavements. It’s nice to go out for a walk with someone

  • Emily C.

    My new fastr was delivered to me today. The whole transaction and delivery went very smoothly. Now I can enjoy walks with my dogs šŸ™‚

  • Lily

    I was very sceptical about buying a scooter. In the end my daughter bought me one for my birthday. I am incredibly happy with my gravis. We will never be apart again

  • Jessica

    Todo correcto,el tiempo de entrega y la scooter muy bien,DamiƔn el repartidor muy amable.

  • Jessica

    LlegĆ³ rĆ”pido y sin problema,el repartidor Damian muy bien.

  • Susan L

    Nobody informed me beforehand that the battery in these scooters is getting weaker with time and the warranty is only 6 months. However, new batteries are not expensive. After replacing the battery after one year of use, my scooter is as good as new!

    1. colin bowers

      How much to replace batteries ?

  • Mary

    Arrived on 19th February. Great trike. Recommended

  • Reginald

    Great company to deal with

    1. Barry Broadhurst

      Amazing look bike. Damian top delivery man ever !!!

  • Linda. W

    I ordered a test drive from Velobike, unsure about buying a mobility scooter. During the test drive I fell in love. Now I own a second scooter

  • M Smith

    Hello, I received my scooter yesterday. I couldn’t wait to check it out. It’s great

  • William

    I bought myself a ZT 63. this mobility scooter is as functional as it is pretty. Highly recommended.

  • Sharon

    Very helpful company

  • Joyce hamilton

    I purchased a Scooter from Velobike , not releasing it does not fit easily into my front garden,the delivery driver brought it in, I did not see him do this ,it has not been moved since then, as cannot get it out. I called to tell them this, only to be told the rules of returning the scooter, which they donā€™t tell you until, driver gone as you are not going to read all paperwork when he is there, as to much to it was later getting here 8pm at night. Now want to pay Ā£250 to return it, and will deduct money if not to there condition,I have sent photos of Said scooter,with cover they provided, which only covers 3/4 of the scooter,and to top it all can take 2weeks to collect which they are quick to take your money but not quick to collect to save further possible damage due to weather conditions, then deduct money off your refund .donā€™t use this company,the service and conditions are terrible.

  • Rolf K

    Alles sehr gut gelaufen der Herr war superfreundlich


    Hell0, I purchased a Velo bike faster mobility scooter. I have to say that so far i am very pleased with it.
    The comments you get when out on it are very complimentary.
    I also purchased the Lithium battery with. It I am told they are superior to the acid battery.
    . The bike was delivered Quickley, and the driver Wojciech BoraL, went through all the controls with me, and I had a test drive he was a very nice and helpful man.
    any questions for Velo bike are answered very quickly, customer service has been excellent. THANK YOU VELOBIKE.

  • Allen V J

    I received my Gravis scooter yesterday (7/1/2023) and I am completely blown away by the whole experience, from ordering to delivery, excellent customer service, and the delivery driver Luca explained everything to me on how to use it, it was even delivered exactly when it said it was to the very minute. Scooter is of excellent build quality, I inspected it, when delivered it was even polished in front of me (even though it had started to rain). The company is outstanding, and their staff are fully trained, Luca was grat to speak to and very professional and knowledgeable about the product. I will recommend this company to anyone who asks me about my scooter. Cheers Luca.

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