What to Do with Crutches That Are No Longer Needed?

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What to Do with Crutches That Are No Longer Needed?

Individuals who struggle with their movement often use assistive devices such as crutches. On the other hand, if individuals grow better or discover other methods to move about, they’ll likely find themselves with a set of crutches that they no longer use. What to do with crutches that are no longer required will be discussed in this article, along with the many available options for removing or reusing them.

Disposing of CrutchesMethodConsideration
DonationGive to medical facilities, rehabilitation centers, charitable organisationsUseful and selfless way to help the community
RecyclingRecycling organisations for medical supplies and equipmentCheck if your local recycling center accepts used medical equipment
RepurposeTransform into a functional and decorative itemUtilize creativity and essential skills
SellingSell online to those who need themList condition, age, and necessary information before selling

Note: Always check local regulations before disposing of any medical equipment.


Donating crutches to a nearby medical facility, rehabilitation centre, or charitable organisation is one of the methods for getting rid of crutches that is both the most useful and the most selfless. These groups often need gently used medical equipment and may be able to put the crutches to good use in the community by assisting those less fortunate.


Some recycling organisations for medical supplies and equipment may take crutches. Several metal recycling facilities will take crutches constructed of aluminium or steel. Check with the recycling centre in your area to see whether they take in used medical supplies and equipment.


You might repurpose your old crutches into something different if you have a creative spirit and want to exercise some creativity and originality. You may put them to use as a plant stand, coat rack, bookshelf support, or even build your furniture as part of a do-it-yourself project. Your old crutches may be transformed into something that serves a function and looks beautiful doing it with only a little ingenuity and some essential skills.


You can also sell your old crutches to those who need them. Several online marketplaces allow you to sell medical equipment, including crutches. Be sure to list the condition, age, and any necessary information about the crutches before listing them for sale.

Always check with your local authorities and regulations before disposing of any medical equipment.

What To Do With Old Crutches UK?

If you have old crutches that you no longer need or want, here are some options for what you can do with them in the UK:

  • Donate to charity: There are several charities and non-profit organisations in the UK that accept donations of crutches, such as the British Red Cross, the Salvation Army, or local hospices. These charities will then distribute the crutches to individuals in need.
  • Return to the NHS: If your crutches were provided to you by the National Health Service (NHS), you could return them to your local NHS hospital or clinic. The NHS can then clean and refurbish the crutches for reuse by other patients.
  • Recycle: If your crutches are metal, you can recycle them. Check with your local council to see if they accept crutches or if any recycling centres in your area accept metal items.
  • Sell or give away: If your crutches are still in good condition, you can sell or give them to someone who may need them. Try listing them on online classified sites, such as Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace, or offering them free on local community groups or websites.
  • Dispose of properly: If your crutches are damaged or cannot be reused, dispose of them properly. Check with your local council to see if they accept crutches or if any disposal centres in your area accept medical equipment.

Overall, there are several options for what to do with old crutches in the UK, including donating to charity, returning to the NHS, recycling, selling or giving away, or disposing of them properly.

Summary Of What to Do with Crutches No Longer Needed

When you no longer need your crutches, you have several alternatives for getting rid of them or finding another use. You may contribute to ensuring that your used crutches are put to good use and do not wind up in a landfill by giving them away, recycling them, finding another use, or selling them. Always keep in mind the norms and guidelines established by your local authorities, and ensure that you adhere to them appropriately.

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